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Taking control

Hi, I’ve felt awful for a few years now, hair loss, cold, brain fog, constipation, bruise easy, flaky nails,dry eyes, LPR, weight issues, mood swings, so tired, memory issues. Recently diagnosed with nodules led me to this site and thinking it could be thyroid and not just menopause. GP’s are rubbish. Saw endo over 5 weeks ago he said all ok as TSH fine. Begged literally for more blood tests, been chasing results but appears relevant tests have not been done. I had FNA yesterday so waiting results. Further endo appointment in April. Just booked tests from blue horizon as feel could deffo be thyroid and thanks to you guys I know what blood tests are needed.

Will post results and ask advice please of results.

Not sure if I trust them with my nodules as seem to just have one go to treatment which they think fits all

. Do they really need to be removed? Can they be reduced another way?

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Hello , sorry you've not had a reply, you could try re-posting you results & questions.


Thank you, will do when I get them.


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