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Brand vs. generic is there a difference?

my husband takes levothyroxine(spelling?) 25 mcg when they tested him his levels were at 254 the doctor was kind of suprised, he siad he did not know how he could have been at that level...my question is should he be taking a higher dose? it seems like when he was taking the brand syntharoid(spelling?) he did much better with his medication, since insurance has him on the generic, it just seems like he is "different" is it just my imagination or is there a difference in the pills? if anyone knows i would greatly appreciate your feedback.

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What was 254? Was it his TSH? If so he is very undermedicated. Generics can vary in effect, mainly due to different absorption rates. Can you post his latest blood test results. His doctor should be monitoring him, not just prescribing 25 mcg and leaving it at that.


I'd say that sticking to the same make is important - whether that is an official "brand" or a "generic".

For all sorts of reasons, some people do better on one make than another.

There is nothing magic about Synthroid. It could be better or worse than any other make for your husband.

Agreed with jimh111 that re-testing and increased dosing are probably appropriate. But you don't give us any idea of timescale or any laboratory results (except one number which we can assume was TSH - but we are not sure). Give us some more and we can try to help more.

Also - which country are you in?


Clearly your in th USA not the UK

Synthyroid is the USA name for Levothyroxine

25mcg is merely a starter dose and will barely treat a fly

Without knowing exactly what results inc ref ranges you husband has for








We simply cannot have any idea whats going on :-

Did he fast before the blood draw

Was it very early morning

Above all did he avoid taking levo /synthyroid in the orevious 24 hours

Everything is important


There is nothing obvious about being in the USA. Synthroid is available in many other countries such as Canada and New Zealand.


Thanks for that ...its about time they stopped having so many different names for meds and concentrated on putting teva levo or mercury levo or whatever instead so we all know whats going on


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