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buy T3 advice


h everyone iv posted here before for 1st time 2 months ago but forgot my post name, getting very foggy had to set up again..I had asked a friend to bring back (to Ireland) a supply of T3 from Turkey as Id bought wrong one when I hadnt known what I needed( before being educated here!) however my friend brought me t4 again! not now Ive loads of T4 and no T3..I would really appreciate anyone out there who could send me PM with a reputable online supplier of T3. I see it on lots of bodybuilding sites but Im scared to order anything like tablets online as I know the dangers of fake and even poisonous meds being sold by unscrupolous sellers.I want to get better not end up killing myself with dangerous online meds. can anyone here recommend a safe supplier and especially useful from anyone who has used that product themselves and how successful it was for them.

thank you so much..

I love this site and its only place now I feel complete confidence in its community and their advice.

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Hi megiyat - hopefully you have had some responses by PM

- however usually folks prefer more information before they'll recommend a source. Please post a brief history, why you think T3 will help, if you've been on it before & your latest Thyroid & vitamin bloodtest results. Thanks.

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