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Should I be concerned about my red and white cell blood counts 2013-2018


I am new here - only diagnosed in January as hypothyroid Hashimoto's with no treatment as my TSH is now within range. (I have posted blood results previously!)

This is probably a vascular problem, but I am very concerned about my red cell count rising continually out of range since 2013; and my white cell count has now dropped below range in the last test.

Does this mean my red blood cells are now thick and sticky and likely to cause heart attack or thrombosis? While my white blood cells will become increasingly deficient? I am afraid I won't be here in another 3 years time!!

I would appreciate your knowledgeable assessment, help and advice please!

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Have you discussed your concerns with your GP?

katwin in reply to SeasideSusie

Many thanks for your reply SeasideSusie.

Not yet. I have only just had access to online test results from my surgery from years ago. However I've now made an appointment to see my GP on the 14th April.

I've been on 10mg Simvastatins for years for cholesterol, but it doesn't seem to be working well enough!

Check this out:

You'd need to talk to your doctor about this situation. There can be any of several reasons for why this is happening.

katwin in reply to gabkad

Thank you very much gabkad for your reply and for the mayoclinic link. I've copied out the link to show my doctor.

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