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What time for medication and blood test?


Hi I'm planning another blood test soon as I'm starting to feel fatigued and have muscle.weakness again. I take 100mcg of levo and 1 cap of thyrogold which I believe contains 50mcg of T4 and 12.5mcg of T3 first thing in the morning and leave an hour.before eating or drinking. I'm not sure when to take my blood test to get the truest picture of.my results? Thoughts would be greatly appreciated

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Blood draw early morning, no later than 9am.

Fast overnight (you can have water).

Last dose of Levo 24 hours before blood draw.

Last dose of Thyrogold 12 hours before blood draw (due to it's T3 element).

If you take Biotin or a B Complex containing it, leave that off for 3-5 days before blood draw in case biotin is used on the testing by the lab.

Thank you!

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