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so i went to dermo doc about hair/ lyme


yes he said it is bad, but he said' i have drawn a blank, it must be autoimmune, we have checked your hormones and iron they are ok.'

he is actually a lovely lovely doctor BUT- it always bugs me that any specialist never seems to go further tan their basic remit-- endocrine electrolites blood count tsh etc etc etc. what about androsteindione, dhea, estrogen,

progesterone,pregnenolone, shbg, 17 o progesterone, there are more i know... i also told him about lyme, and hairloss, he got another older MR. doctor in and together discussing this but both said no lyme wouldnt cause hair loss, i said it does i am

ontwo lyme sites and loads of girls have lost hair, but lyme is 'rare'-- i didnt bother to say to say it is not rare anymore! bless the two of them i could' ve sat themdown and given a lecture-however althought hey have drawna blank---

they are NOW going to investigate lyme hairloss---- and i am very grateful for small mercies in as much as this derm doc is such a lovely approachable man who hasnt fobbed me off, and at least sendingme to infectious disease doc

but having seen this particular infec' doctor before, he knows abso' jackshit.... i told dermo doc, i had a private lyme test but he was quite cross that no one bothered to accept it or follow it up... i have been given a blood test for lyme now but its a bloo d test probably wont show up because they dont know about western blots and proper lyme testing. if it shows up iwill be treated, but i really cant accept antiobi's at this lat e stage and they wont know that is will make me worse all round if they try to give me them.

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How frustrating for you Bluepetals2,

I emphasise having taken my hoover apart yesterday to remove my clogged hair!

I’m about to buy and make home made Bravo yoghurt and maybe make suppositories with coonut oil to reestablish the gut Micro Flora balance.. One review mentions hair regrowth.

Quicksilver Scientific make liposomal BitterX and Pure PC to unblock the clogged bile, nanosomal Artemisinin to kill pathogens and Ultra Binder to catch and grab the toxins. Dr Chris Shade talks about this in his Push Catch podcast on YouTube. This is done for 10 days and the 4 days rest. I source my products from ProActive Healthcare.

Do your own due diligence and research Bluepetals2 but I do hope that some of these suggestions might give you hope and help.

Best Wishes

thankyou i will look all that up- i have reserched now since 2006 and i am all researched out so i am grateful fo rthose links.

Hello Bluepetals2,

You've helped and cheered me along the way so it was time to reciprocate.


have i ?

Yes I was reading and getting answers to my unasked questions. By supporting each other we collectively make a significant difference in someone else's life without even realising it. :)

oh that is good then, i hope my answers were correct?

At least they gave me hope and momentum as I bounced off the kerbstones on my journey back to me!

There’s a good group on Facebook called the Magnesium Advocacy Group that might be helpful to you. Also the Bio Identical hormone groups might help with advice, too. When they say the checked your hormones and they were ok, what does that even mean? If your estrogen is low COMPARED with progesterone, your hair may thin dramatically. A rise in testosterone in relation to your other hormones can cause your hair to shed. Your hormones may all be ‘in range’ but how they relate to each other is what’s important.

bluepettals2 in reply to Noji

i try to tell endo that but he dont listen so i willmake an appointment withyou noji!

You need to have optimum, vitamin B12, low thyroid (even Levothyroxine can cause hair problems) mine was down to low ferritin levels. I was told my ferritin at 41 was 'normal,' but 41 wasn't normal enough for me to regrow and correct my brittle hair. Later I found ferritin needed to be up nearer 70-80. I supplemented iron pills and hair started to regrow slowly and recover, then I thought I'd leave off my iron as I didn't want to have an iron overload in my system, I should never have stopped, cos my hair started to shed and break off again. So now I am back supplementing iron and my hair has improved and is regrowing slowly again.

frommy last results my ferritin is quite high, i went to a cosmentic doctor monday and he said its hormonal- how he knows just bylooking is anyones guess, offer-----carboxy treatment mesotherapy and if succesful, PRP... at a cost! then i went to a trichologist who pulledhair fromroots and put undermicroscope, she reckons inflamed scalp ( mine hurts) starving hair of nutrition , hence falling out. andcaused by excessive stress anxiety,-- again a costly treatment but in her book o f clients hair like mine on people had grown back. next its a hair clinic inlondon dermo- we will see what she says.. i think, lyme ,lackof hormones and sensitiveto male hormones, lack of estrogen and thyroid adrenals and stress.. and inflamation

bp2, have also heard that too high ferritin can cause hair problems, yours is a mystery. What was your actual ferritin level ? I was told 'normal' yes my ferritin in their books was 'normal,' but not 'normal' enough in my books for my hair to regrow back.

Most problems we have are caused by either toxins or nutritional deficiencies and Hormonal imbalances, the answer is out there bp2, keep looking, sometimes it can be such simple things that are causing us these awful problems.

these are january-i though t the ferritn ws higher than this...

30/01/2018 15:35 Serum

Sodium 144 mmol/L ( 135 to 145 ) Auth

Potassium 4.2 mmol/L ( 3.5 to 5.0 ) Auth

Urea 10.0 mmol/L ( 3.3 to 6.7 ) Auth

Creatinine 76 umol/L ( 45 to 120 ) Auth

GFR calculated abbreviatd MDRD 65 mL/min/1.73m2 Auth

Comments :

For black afro-caribbean ethnicity result needs to be

further multiplied by 1.212

Serum Ferritin 280.7 ug/L ( 20 to 300 ) Auth

Vitamin B12 1440 pg/mL ( 180 to 1100 ) Auth

Free T4 11.5 pmol/L ( 10.3 to 24.5 ) Auth

Free T3 4.0 pmol/L ( 3.5 to 6.5 ) Auth

TSH 0.04 mIU/L ( 0.3 to 5.5 ) Auth


30/01/2018 15:35 Blood

WBC 8.5 10^9/L ( 3.9 to 11.1 ) Auth

RBC 4.73 10^12/L ( 3.88 to 4.99 ) Auth

HB 139 g/L ( 118 to 148 ) Auth

HCT 44.5 % ( 36 to 46 ) Auth

MCV 94.1 fL ( 82 to 98 ) Auth

MCH 29.4 pg ( 27.3 to 32.6 ) Auth

Platelets 247 10^9/L ( 140 to 400 ) Auth

Neutrophils 4.7 10^9/L ( 1.7 to 7.5 ) Auth

Lymphocytes 2.8 10^9/L ( 1.0 to 3.2 ) Auth

Monocytes 0.6 x10^9/L ( 0 to 0.8 ) Auth

Eosinophils 0.3 x10^9/L ( 0.0 to 0.5 ) Auth

Basophils 0.0 10^9/L ( 0.0 to 0.1 ) Auth

i was on 6 xone quarter grain armour, i wonderif i take toomany supplements as the supplements al have extra doses in of vits mins etc.. maybe i should stop all the supplements..

bp2, Your FT4 looks low in range and FT3 looks low also, maybe you are not converting your T4 to T3 ? Sorry I have no idea about your high ferritin/high B12 blood levels, someone will know i am sure, It has been a while since I have given advice on the thyroid bloods, might be an idea to pop them up in another 'post up' for other members to give you a better answer, otherwise maybe try on the (PAS) Pernicious Anemia site (which is also for B12 deficiency) here on Health Unlocked. Good luck bp2.

yes it is tiring isnt it forever researching when its not our job..

Yes it can be very tiring bp2, especially when we do not have the energy either.

Remember when researching that we are either too toxic or nutritionally deficient or both.

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