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Worried of Eastbourne

Hi, Further to my previous post I am permanently worried when I am Hypo to the extent that I even worry about the Sun going Nova like ten minutes ago, it goes without saying that I worry about our family. I also when low worry a lot more than the average Bear about Death. And yet when I am Hyper at the top of the tree so speak I consider myself to be fireproof with no worrys. Oh I omitted to say that owing to my sleep apnea I suffer from Bruxism when low and coming up and going down and yet when in elated mood or mode for a few weeks it goes away. When up I goto bed by ten pm and wake up anytime between 3 and 6am and yet when low I dont want to go to bed and lay in untill 9 or 10 am, Weird or what.

Help Please.

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Have you ever tried going gluten-free? Some people with thyroid problems find the ups and downs smooth out a bit if they go gluten-free because the antibodies that can cause ups and downs by attacking your thyroid sporadically can decrease. If you aren't already gluten-free you need to be strictly gluten-free for at least 2 weees, preferably 3 months, to find out whether it makes a difference for you.


Please post your thyroid and mineral blood test results on here with the ranges for help. Add what medication you are taking and for how long.

I have only been to Eastbourne once and would also be depressed if I lived there too. (Just a joke).

The only time in my life that I have had hives is when I was on T3 for 2/3 months now I have stopped the T3 the hives have gone away.


Hi Bunny, my surname is burrows so they used to call me Bunny at school. Not so much worried about the thyroid but the levels do fluctuate up and down alarmingly. Am about to prove it to my gp by adopting the "Broda Barnes " method of taking my base or basal temperature first thing on waking. When i have a full 6 or 7 weeks readings i will ask him what they mean. Mymoods range from Hyper to Hypoactive and back over a 6 to 7 week period. there are thyroid probs on both sides of the family. One blood test i took a few years ago proved a problem with the pituatiry gland. The pituatiry is like the keyboard on a computer it instructs the brain or cpu to send out instructions to every organ in the body to maintain optimum health. A faulty gland like this will also make the adrenal values low as described in my first and second posts, ( see my post on low adrenal function. The min and max units are 137 to 420, mine are 228, somehat low. Sorry to witter on finally I am taking meds as follows

ADCAL D3 1000g twice a day, NEBIVOLOL 5mg X1, OMEPRAZOLE morning and evening, APIXABAN 5mg twice a day, Ditto METFORMIN, 1 atorvastatin, Fybogel with my cornflakes and MEBEVERINE TABS BEFORE EACH MEAL.

I can seldom relax enough in bed at night to get to sleep within 40 mins so have a prescription supply of ZOPICLONE, it zops u out within 30 mins.

Hope u can help TTFN DAVE.

PS Thats a picture of me in my early 20s


Dave, I feel for you. I've been where you are. I recovered by learning what was going on in my body and understanding how to correct it.

Conventional doctors have been duped by Big Pharma with regard to the origin of most "disease" (dysfunction). They are taught a protocol that is designed to quell symptoms with pills instead of investigating if there is a cause to the patient's maladies. They are not taught any other way in conventional medicine.

The lies about GERD and acid reflux are among the worst or all.

Omeprazole (Prilosec), also called a Proton Pump Inhibitor [PPI]), removes all stomach acid. Read up on it. It might seem you have too much stomach acid, but the reality is that you have too little stomach acid. Big bucks are made on that common misunderstanding. It's amazing they are still allowed on the market. PPIs ruin health.

We need stomach acid in order to digest and break down the foods we eat. Without stomach acid, we don't get the nutrients from the foods we eat or the supplements we take.

Conventional doctors are interested in quelling symptoms without taking a look into what the root cause of the dysfunction might be. Most times it all comes back to a thyroid that isn't getting the nutrients necessary to facilitate thyroid hormone conversion from T4 into the active thyroid hormone T3. It is T3 that need be in the cells of the body so that optimal functioning of all systems and organs is maintained.

Most of our systemic illness and constant breakdown in health all began in the gut. When stomach acid is low, disease breeds. Hypothyroidism is a known cause of low stomach acid.

If you properly control your hypothyroidism, you will control most all your other issues. Hypothyroidism causes hundreds of symptoms because all systems of the body need adequate T3 thyroid hormone in the cells in order to function properly.

But people think rather than the thyroid being in the issue, they are told by their doctors it's simple excess stomach acid. But a little stomach acid in the wrong place can cause great pain.

"Wait, isn’t stomach acid causing the burn in the first place?

Yes, stomach acid that is allowed to move past the esophageal sphincter (the gatekeeper between your throat and your stomach) causes the burning sensation. But when you have adequate stomach acid, this sphincter will receive a signal to close and not allow the passage of acid or food to make its way into the throat.

When this burning occurs, it is tempting the reach for the antacids. However, the use of antacids and proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) result in an increase in gastric pH, which gives temporary relief, but does not address the root cause of the heartburn, and may make things worse over time. The pH of your stomach should be about 1-2 in range, which is very acidic."

So why do doctors prescribe them anyway? Because they are trained to do as they are told: follow protocol. Period. They prescribe them because they don't understand how the body works. And they certainly don't understand the complexities of hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism cause almost any symptom in the body because cells with Low T3 will cause symptoms to occur. The more you know about what is going on with your body, the more you can be proactive in your healthcare. Acid reflux is a common hypothyroid symptom, yet most conventional doctors are ignorant of that simple fact among a myriad of other well-known hypothyroid symptoms:

They reach for replacement thyroid hormone without thought about checking levels of nutrition which should be optimized for overall good health. Malnutrition caused by lack of nutrient absorption (or other means) is a common cause of hypothyroidism as nutrients are not absorbed. The thyroid needs nutrients to carry out conversions of thyroid hormone from T4 to T3. It is T3 that is the active thyroid hormone that regulates the heart, metabolism, and that must be in most all the cells of the body for overall health. Yet conventional medicine ignores nutrition while using a reference range so wide you'd almost have to be deceased to be found not "within range."

Functional medicine uses optimal ranges, they are narrow as they hone in on the nutrient levels of healthy people rather than be compared to any and all who frequent the labs.

Please try to find a doctor of functional medicine, a naturopath, who can lead you off unnecessary and dangerous-to-your-health pharmaceuticals, and back to good health with their honest understanding of what causes hypothyroidism and how to treat it effectively.

I've learned my lessons the hard way. Here's hoping you and others won't have to do so.

I've been through it all. Hypo to hyperthyroidism (Grave's Disease) and back to hypo after thyroid removed. Conventional doctors don't have a clue. They'd rather remove and replace. It doesn't work for all of us. Not by a long shot. We all are different.

It's not that we have a myriad of issues going on. It usually boils down to one: a dysfunctional thyroid that is not being given what it needs to carry out its functions that ensure overall good health.

Healing Hugs!


Fantastic thats me to a tee, i omitted to tell u that i suffer from sleep apnea which can cause acid reflux. perhaps i should cut down on the omeprazole and just take one a day for the time being. Have you any thoughts on using pulverised aswagandha root to boost my adrenals, i get kidney area pains.



Ashawagandha is excellent for many things that ail you. I use it each and every day without fail.

However, you have been duped as to why you take a PPI. You see, it is well known (though some doctors never got the memo) that both sleep apnea and reflux are commonly known symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Sleep deprivation is a huge problem that easily leads to adrenal fatigue.

"Most people with Hashimoto’s have some degree of adrenal fatigue (in fact, 90% of those I have tested do), and in my survey of 2000+ people with Hashimoto’s, “a lack of sleep” is the most frequently cited reason why people with Hashimoto’s feel worse."

Dr. Izabella Wentz, Pharm D continues:

"Research has linked sleep apnea, an increasingly common cause of sleep deprivation, to Hashimoto’s. Studies have found that 25-35% of people with hypothyroidism also have sleep apnea.

As with most triggers that are known to cause and exacerbate Hashimoto’s, it turns out that sleep apnea and Hashimoto’s are a bit of a vicious cycle situation.

While hypothyroidism can cause sleep apnea due to protein deposition in the upper airway, increased risk of obesity, and abnormal control of ventilation, researchers wanted to know if obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) itself could be a potential trigger in Hashimoto’s."

When you think you have a myriad of issues, as I wrote before... it usually comes down to hypothyroidism and its causes as to how we have acquired it in the first place.

When you learn what exactly acid reflux is, it all begins to make more sense. It certainly is not something that cannot be reversed. I suffered from it for thirty years. Now I do not. I don't use anything other than thyroid hormone, nutrients, and stomach acid replacement to control it 100%.

Please read the article above as it will fully explain why acid reflux occurs especially in those who are hypothyroid.

"It seems that hypothyroidism can lower levels of stomach acid. This could be due to a lowering of parietel cells, lowering their ability to produce gastric acid (hypochlorhydria). Because of this, the absorption of important nutrients is reduced (such as vitamin D, b12, iron etc.), which can lead on to low or deficient levels of certain vitamins. Lowered levels of vitamins and minerals is common with hypothyroid patients and especially those with Hashimoto’s.



This means less of the very nutrients you need to convert thyroid hormone Thyroxine (T4) into the active thyroid hormone T3. It's a vicious cycle that leads to ill health. I've been there and know it firsthand.

"You may also find that low levels of stomach acid can cause a sensitivity to milk and/or gluten, too. So by fixing your low levels, you could see improvement in these sensitivities.

Low levels of stomach acid can lead to your doctor diagnosing you with gastritis, which is inflammation of the lining of the stomach.

Like me, doctors put most thyroid patients with these problems on PPI medications like Omeprazole, which are acid suppressors, when we already have low acid! These mask the symptoms and problem, which just makes things worse, because we’re not treating the cause."


Omeprazole is only a symptom queller. It makes you think you are correcting your issues of acid reflux. It is not. In fact, it is ensuring you won't be able to absorb the very nutrients that can help reverse or control your hypothyroidism.

As I said before, I was you once. It took great sickness before I realized conventional medicine could not help me because they treat each symptom as if it is from a new source. It isn't. Hypothyroidism can affect the entire body in a myriad of ways. Aches, pains, swelling, gout, dry eyes, dry skin, memory and vision problems, earaches and ringing in the ears, cough, hoarseness, the feeling of choking or suffocation, great anxiety, claustrophobia, etc. etc. etc. You name it, I can tie it into a body lacking the T3 needed in all the cells to keep the body running smoothly.

I was at my wit's end and felt I was clearly dying. Truth. That's when I researched natural treatments and got away from the pharmaceuticals that were making me worse as I didn't need them. I didn't need something to cover up an issue, I needed the cure to arrest the origin of the problems that caused increased debilitation.

Knowledge is power. I'm living proof of it... and healthy because of it!

I truly and most sincerely hope this information helps you. Open your mind and your body will thank you by healing.

Healing Hugs!


Hello Doctor, Well done to the power 10,000 you seem to have cracked it for me.

My meds are as follows Nebivolol, apixaban, metformin, atorvastatin, fybogel, mebeverine tabs, zopiclone to help me sleep and the dreaded PPI twice a day which I have now temporarily stopped. I also have H.O.C.M for which I have a pacemaker and have had the av node ablation. I also suffer from type 2 diabetes and cyclic depression or type 2 bipolar syndrome and guess what? Prozac dont work and neither does any other antidepressant known to mankind because in my time i have tried most of them.

I can get A1 grade ashawaganda from amazon manufactured under licence in the usa. This has loads of good write ups. Before I order can you please tell me if it would have any detrimental effects on my other meds.

I currently and experiencing low libido with low testosterone, GP says "no you not getting patches because within parameters" Also have low adrenal function at 228 units

guidelines are from 137 to 420 units. Again, "No boosters Mr Burrows your readings are normal"

Kind regards in anticipation,

Dave Burrows.



Glad to be of help to you. My skills have been learned first hand, along with extensive research. I share my findings with others in the hopes for others to find healing by being more proactive in their knowledge and care. Conventional medicine has failed the vast majority. That we all know to be true. We're fatter and sicker than ever though "modern" conventional medicine is touted as King.

With that said -- and this is very important -- Please do not abruptly stop taking PPIs as you must wean off them slowly, depending on the amount you now take. I mentioned that in my first post. I learned that weaning lesson the hard way but being rushed to the hospital as if I'd had a heart attack. Yes. It can feel like that if you have been on them for years or decades and stop abruptly. Here's a link with information from a physician (one whom I agree with) that will be helpful for you to wean off proton pump inhibitors:

Th host of medications you take can be indicative of a person who is suffering from Low T3 (hypothyroid) and doctors are mistakenly treating each symptom as a different malady. Been there, done that for four decades. Ugh!

What it seems to me that you need is a doctor who understands how the body works and who treats according to the well-being of the patient rather than using illogical numbers to dictate treatment or non-treatment.

Diabetes type 2 goes hand-in-hand with hypothyroidism:

"Thyroid hormone is important for metabolism, and thus important in controlling weight and cholesterol metabolism. Therefore, Dr Chaker and her team hypothesized that thyroid hormone could also be important in the development of type 2 diabetes."

So does Bi-polarism. Did you know that lithium renders a person hypothyroid? Just like PPIs can. They destroy nutrients.

"Hypothyroidism, either overt or more commonly subclinical, appears to (be) the commonest abnormality found in bipolar disorder...."

It is no coincidence that thyroid hormone helps those with bipolar disorder because the body will break down on a myriad of levels when T3 is not ample in the cells.

It's not rocket science. But conventional medicine will not admit that even though studies and clinical trials have taken place to prove that thyroid hormone T3 helps those with bipolar disorder (and getting them off lithium which makes them more hypothyroid helps too).

Somebody has to shake the trees so that people who suffer needlessly at the hands of bonehead physicians (who have no clue as to what they're doing) will learn to look elsewhere for the "cure" that conventional medicine says doesn't exist. They used to tell us we'd have to take thyroid hormone for life. That was never true for all, not by a long shot. But when going decades being treated for symptoms of hypothyroidism as if something entirely different -- well, the body decays. It doesn't have to be.

Conventional medicine is in the dark ages with all this. They don't want to know that there is mostly one big problem that causes hundreds of other other issues in the human body. In other words, it's much simpler than they make illness out to be.

Others understand the correlation as would anyone who knows how the body functions and depends on nutrients to facilitate full thyroid function and its peripheral conversion of thyroid hormone. This is what makes healthy bodies.

PPIs destroy any stomach acid we have. Without stomach acid, we can't absorb the very nutrients that will allow us to heal the gut, body, and mind. It is what we are lacking that causes our plethora of symptoms. The more overtly hypothyroid you are, the more symptoms arise as the active thyroid hormone T3 (liothyronine) depletes out of the cells.

Most sincerely, I highly suggest you and anyone else with multiple medications and no semblance of wellness in sight, please see a doctor of functional medicine. Conventional medicine's "reference range" rubbish keeps people sick with no hope in sight to regain quality of life. Until we stop feeding the hand that is hurting us... we will continue to suffer.

It simply is not necessary.

The bottom line is what do you have to lose by finding another type of medical practice that has proven success in healing their patients with sound, natural supplements for a body that is ailing for optimal nutrition?

Hypothyroidism is acquired more often than not. Most conventional doctors don't have a clue about that.

Yet PPIs are still handed out and refilled by physicians each and every day. Why is that?

Because most of them know not what they do.

So we have to learn about it and seek out what we need for real healing.

Healing Hugs to you, sweet Dave.


P.S. Ashwagandha contains iodine. The thyroid needs iodine. But if you're taking thyroid hormones, conventional medicine writes about this or that interfering with their drugs. (Mind you, many people who are initially hypothyroid need only the addition of iodine and selenium to get their lives back in order!)

With all your pharmaceuticals, it would be wise to see a doctor of functional medicine before adding herbal supplements.

They would know the amounts that would benefit you, or what to wean you off first before trying certain supplements.

It seems evident you are under-medicated or have absorption issues (very likely) that keep you from making full use of the thyroid hormones you take.

You'll enjoy the article below:

Healing Hugs!


To answer all your questions, I've written this separately, Dave. It is lengthy, but highly informative to you and hopefully to others.

Looking through your meds, they are all treatments for that which can be solved by getting adequate thyroid hormone into your cells. Lipitor is for high cholesterol, Fybogel is a laxative for constipation, Zopiclone is for sleeplessness, Mebeverine tabs are for IBS or colitis, Nebivolol is for high BP and/or left ventricular failure, Eliquis (Apixaban) is an anticoagulant for DVT (Deep Vein Thromboembolic), and Metformin is for the treatment of overweight persons who have Type 2 Diabetes.

Every single health issue you have is more than likely due to your hypothyroidism that is not being controlled. There are plenty of medical articles to prove it. Unfortunately, doctors learn to write prescriptions and send their patients on their merry way instead of realizing the tests are failing those patients. The blood tests measure thyroid hormone in your blood -- not how much you have converted and are using in your cells. Then, as your TSH drops, the doctor usually reduces your thyroid hormone when it was finally making you feel better. That's the numbers game that makes us very sick. I've been there. From that, I researched and found out that all my issues were due to low thyroid function. Hypo means slow.

The sluggishness of body functioning due to hypothyroidism is widely known to cause all the symptoms for which you are taking separate medications: High Cholesterol; Constipation; Insomnia; IBS due to bacteria growth in the gut caused by inadequate stomach acid (or PPI usage which exacerbates the lack of acid); High Blood Pressure; Left Ventricular Failure; DVT (Deep Venous Thromboembolism or deep vein thrombosis); and Type 2 Diabetes.


Hypothyroidism: a reversible cause of heart failure

Association between thyroid dysfunction and venous thromboembolism in the elderly: a prospective cohort study (

The illnesses will continue to stack up for as long as you are getting adequate thyroid hormone into your cells. That will be proven to have come to pass as you heal from all your maladies as thyroid hormone is made readily available to your cells.

You must look into this, please. It should begin to make perfect sense to you, as it did to me.

Instead of treating one issue properly, your doctor has failed you by attempting to treat each and every symptom with medications that are detrimental to thyroid health -- as your hypothyroidism is grossly mismanaged. All the medications you take attest to that fact. In my experience, that is exactly spot on.

Your physician thinks your hypothyroidism is being taken care of as numbers are relied upon that cannot assure his assessment is correct. Your health is the proof as to whether or not your thyroid hormone is adequate. I have no doubt your doctor has no clue he is making this mistake that is costing you dearly.

If you are not on an Natural Desiccated Thyroid (NDT) hormone, from my experience with very similar issues such as yours, I strongly suggest you seek out the need for you to be on NDT. The lack of T3 in the cells is evident due to the number of hypo symptoms you have. It is very difficult to get "caught up" just by taking T4 and expecting it to convert into T3 in a person who has IBS, colitis, Crohn's, etc. and/or taking PPIs. Because it won't work. Thus, you need to address your inadequate nutrient levels and get them to that which are optimal for thyroid and overall health. Your nutrient levels are suffering. Mine were rock bottom. I bet yours are too.

You simply cannot convert T4 effectively when you lack the absorption of nutrients necessary to assist thyroid hormone conversion. That's where the active thyroid hormone liothyronine (T3) will come in handy while you correct those issues. After that, the Thyroxine (T4) portion in the NDT will help you immensely.

Nutrients to Support Thyroid Function

Healing Hugs!


OK YA, This is what I thought all along, My GP Says you aint got it Mr Burrows because all the readings keep coming back " Within the Goalposts" only thing is they keep moving the goal posts. He denies that I have Hashimotos. Who knows my body and symptoms best, me who has lived and suffered in it since 1949 or my Doctor.

I will shortly be visiting an alternative practitioner in Brighton to help straighten me out.

I can if necessary purchase Armour or as near to it as makes no difference on the web.

Thanks to you and everyone else on the site for helping out.

Kind Regards

Dave Burrows.

P.S. Can anyone mail me at my hotmail address with details of where I can get Actual Armour Thyroid.



You have not posted your email address - at least not in this thread!

Before you do, we have a Private Message system. That allows people to contact you without using email at all. We remove personal email addresses for your own protection.

Help on Private Messages:


Kudos to you, Dave!

So happy to be of some help to you.

A suggestion: Perhaps you should wait on trying to add thyroid hormone and instead, see the alternative practitioner for guidance. You want a true picture of what is going on and get you on what you need. The T3 in the NDT can skew the numbers of the tests your doctor will need to examine.

T4 will build up in your body if you cannot convert it with efficiency. Armour contains T4, as all NDT hormones do. Please hold off, I know you are desperate to find the right path to health.

But it will be good to start on the right foot with your new physician. I am confident you will be in good hands. Hopefully, you will be seeing them very soon.

Big healing hugs!



Funny how great minds think alike, once I get my car fixed we r going to Brighton to engage with a private practitioner of AYURVEDA Medecine

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Balance must be restored throughout the body by any means necessary. Let me know how it goes. Hugs!


Hi my mother was a Miss Honeybun beofre she married as was always Bunny at school hence my middle names Bunny Jean.

I am sorry that I don't know much about you problems but I do know that to start from scratch finding out different things could help.

Doctors are obsessed i.e. giving out pills some work some don't but some react in a bad way together a good pharmacist would know about that.

Like growing plants in a perfect PH for the soil. A person needs a good PH of the body to know whats going on. I have strips and urine test on a regular basis. The only trouble is that you are taking some many different pills how would you know your natural bodies PH. Good Luck.


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