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Why do I always feel tired and fed up with no energy and almost lose the will to live ??

Hi everyone, Just been reading an article in the Daily Mail online about Adrenal insufficiency, I recently had a 9am cortisol test and the parameters are from 137 units to 420 units. I returned 228, somewhat on the low side. Also as I have a low libido I asked for testostorone patches. No way said my gp you are within parameters. Do u have to be zero before they do anything. There were several cases in the mail article, one was a thirty something multitasking woman in a loving relationship with a good high powered job nothing to worry about and she feels depressed as hell worried with a virtually non existent libido. Her gp prescribes prozac etc and they have no effect which apparently happens if you are low in adrenals, the pills do not work. Prozac et al did not work for me either. The other symptom is the inability to relax and you cant relax in bed so take ages to go to sleep. All these symptoms plus others fit me to a tee. Apparently this can be caused by prolonged stress and guess what, all these multitasking ladies have high powered stressful careers. In my case the stress started when we moved from Kent to take over a newsagents on the south coast which through no fault of ours failed inside 7 years, then the Wifes Mother got extremely ill, she recovered eventually and my spouse went to help her get back on her feet for six weeks or so at the request of her Brother who lives 300 miles away so he could go back home to work. 18 Months later I had a near breakdown and got Sarah back to Eastbourne. Paul then took Mum back to Cumbria. Then my Dad died, a few weeks before the funeral our sons wife died from an epileptic fit. If this was not bad enough his Daughter in the last year developed epilepsy.

Enough stress dont u think. Oh I forgot to say in 2010 I was diagnosed with HOCM (Cardiomyopathy), I had previously developed sleep apnea treated ok with cpap machine and have since had a pacemaker & the AV node ablation. I have recently been told I have type 2 diabetes and have for some few years exhibited all the symptoms of Hashimotos Thyroiditus ranging from hyper to hypo active and back over a period of 6/7 weeks. LOL I also suffer from IBS and have an umbilical hernia. Has anybody Male or Female got the same symptoms. If so can u advise me of any natural remedies or medications that I can purchase from Amazon or elsewhere that will not interfere with my Meds.

I take Adcal D3 twice a day, 1x Nebivolol, Apixaban twice a day, 2 metformins 2 omeprazoles, 1 Atorvastatin, Fybogel b4 my breakfast and mebeverine tabs b4 each meal. I have to take Zopiclone to relax me enough to get to sleep at night.

Help Gals and or Guys, I need my life back.

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So sorry for all you have been through, I do hope someone will be able to help you many people have great knowledge here. For what it is worth i have low cortisol. Adrenal fatigue is dreadful and debilitating. I take vitamin d3 and since the doctors have not treated it i have been researching to help myself. It seems vitamin B5 and vit C needs boosting,so I am now taking this. Take care, I am sure you will get the advice you need here .


thanks tiredofitall i will get some multivits and c what happens


Hi Southern, yes, you've had a lot to cope with and we have learned quite a bit about the stress you have talked about. Your adrenal gland tries to deal with stress by sending out cortisol and in your case I think you have fallen into the sympathetic state. In can be called dysautonomia. It can be treated by functional doctors. You are being treated in a conventional manner which is the only way they know but this is a description.


It is personal, and it is universal.

The Autonomics are the main communications network between the brain and the heart, the organs, the digestive tract, the lungs, and as well as immune system and hormonal regulation. Early signs of Autonomic Dysfunction include headaches, heartburn, intestinal distress, fatigue, dizziness or lightheadedness. It is also the inability of the brain to properly regulate the heart, blood pressure, blood sugar, digestion, temperature, lungs, hormones, and sleep cycles. The Autonomics also coordinate our emotionality and how intensely we react to stressors, and are tied to the cellular damage that creates anxiety, depression, PTSD, and Autonomic disorders.



Well done Heloise, By the main communications centre between the cpu an the rest of me I guess u mean the pituatiry gland. Fantastic because years ago a doctor found and I quote "a slight anomaly with the pituatiry gland. How can this be treated. I have googled adrenal boosters and come up with ASHWAGANDHA ROOT EXTRACT This is an Indian Ayurvedic herb with active WITHANOLIDES. Has a 100% positive write up on Amazon so may consider it.

TTFN, Dave


Thank you, functional medicine has come very, very far because they look at the research. We've had a wonderful series called Broken Brain. Dr. Mark Hyland and Tom O'Bryan and the doctor in the link I gave you and so many others understand the nervous system and it's connection to the gut. Toxins in our food and environment have pushed us over the cliff. Amalgams and heavy metals are a big problem I hate to go on and on because it's rather overwhelming but certainly explains the increase in Alzheimers and Autism. Besides all the detox measures, there is pulsed electromagnetic fields being used to heal cellular tissue. Naturally the pharmaceutical industry controls much of what is available.

Ashwaganda is a helpful supplement. There are effective relaxation techniques you could look into as well. Dr. John Bergman has wonderful videos on You Tube and knows how the nervous system works. The more you learn, driversson, the more you will be in the driver's seat.



So sorry to hear that you have been so unwell.

Good health is like spinning plates. Thyroid levels optimal

Adrenal ( cortisol and dhea) the same. Ditto vitamins especially b12 d3 ferretin folate and for me magnesium.

You need sleep and on top of that diet is so important and lastly and so v important you need to absorb everything. You can take all the meds food in the world but if you have a leaky gut- say low stomach no probiotics bacteria candida to name a few or you are coeliac/ gluten intolerant you’ll be ill.

The test you had was I am sorry to say pretty meaningless . A saliva test taken 4-5 times in a day with dhea is far better. It is mainly private but well worth the cost.

I have v high cortisol and take ashwaganda- it does not boost cortisol so that’s not an option . You could have low dhea - makes you v v tired. Unless you know it’s a stabbing the dark. I’ve seen lots of these results and they are so helpful.

I saw your other article re thyroid- have you any results on anything you could share so we could help more?

Yes zopiclone is decent to get you off to sleep- staying asleep is tough. You need all your plates spinning. In the short term timed melatonin is good- but you’d have to be v v careful to build it up given the meds you take. Same with l tryptophan. Check the contra indications

On a natural route there is valerian and mother wort.

Good luck and post any results if you have them. If not my suggestion would be to have them done thro say blue horizon then post them.

Have to go out now but if you need to know how to get any tests done please do message me. Oh and ibs is a symptom not a diagnosis so you need help with that too.


Hi southerndriversson. There's a product in Australia called Horny Goat Weed for Him, which is basically an all round feel-good supplement. The Horny bit, well, it can have that effect when you need it the most, but that's all, so don't be too concerned with the name :)

I asked my Health Foods shop owner what was the main effect overall of the supplement, & she said it supports the adrenals. I could see her point, as they gave me more energy, focus etc which I was badly lacking at the time.

They're made in Australia, but if you want to take a look at the ingredients, you can probably see them on,au . If you don't have any luck, let me know & I'll type them all on here for you.

You could write a book on all of yours & your 2 family's ailments, couldn't you!

Eat only healthy foods (no white flour in particular), drink only healthy drinks (none with sugar), & most of all keep a positive attitude. They can all help greatly towards a healthy body.

You may have heard of the book "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay? That book will change your whole outlook on life, especially when you read the many pages on how our mindset is causing our conditions, sicknesses & diseases. It's mindblowing.

Take care southerndriversson, you deserve a break :)


Liz P.S. There's also a Horny Goat Weed for Her :)


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