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DI02 test results help

Hi everyone,

Just a background I have been on Levo 50mg for around 7 weeks. I have my Di02 results and need help intrepting them, they were sent to my endocrinologist but they advised they do not work to this test and work on symptoms alone. My results are below:

- Deiodinase, iodothyronine, type II

DI02 (T92A) rs225014 Heterozygous variant genotype TA

I feel like these results mean I have some impaired ability to convert T4 to T3, I am a little worried about this as my endo seems very certain that T4 works very well and I am nervous to try T3, has anyone with an impaired gene felt well on T4 only?

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Genetic life hacks do not list TA for that SNP. This is for 23& me raw data:

for rs225014 (v.4): [snpedia]

CC: decreased DIO2 enzyme (T4 to T3 conversion) [ref]

CT: decreased T4 to T3 conversion

TT: normal DIO2 enzyme

Mine comes out as CT so reduced conversion.

Hard to know what it means

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Thank you, think I am going to have to pay for the counselling


If you search old posts with DIO2 TA There are several post a that say this combination means no conversion is taking place I cannot grab links to paste I keep being thrown into the hopeless TUK app which has rubbish functionality. Looks promising that you will get help with T3

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Thank you, apparently 'TA' is equivalent to 'TC' so I have impaired conversion.


Good you will do well with some T3 as well as T4. Either synthetic or they are both in NDT which is what I take. Once I started on NDT I began to feel well again.

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Thank you, I bought some T3 and NDT the other day just incase as I suspencted I might have this gene, I am very nervous about it.


Don’t be nervous - you have just empowered yourself by having this knowledge which will help you recover from the disorder 😉👍🏽😊


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