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Can u still have symptoms even u r euthyroid from graves disease

Hi all I'm here again not feeling well getting dizzy spells low energy blurry vision getting out of breath small movement or nose wakes me up at night its like getting trauma jerky feeling if I delay my meals or skip it I get low sugar feeling and I have to eat to get energy and go through the day I'm taking vitamins and probiotics my last tsh result on November 23rd was 1.87..range was 0.27 to 4.2 can anyone help me with their experience bcs my gp testing me for other things but not paying attention to my thyroid I don't know what to do pls if u can help me....thanks

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Have you tried strictly gluten free diet yet?

Graves is autoimmune

What about acid reflux. It's a typical symptom of being hypothyroid.

Healing the gut is very important

Perhaps consider a recommended nutritionist.

Email Thyroid UK for list of recommended thyroid specialists

please email Dionne



Thank u so much for ur reply slow dragon I cook everything myself at home only have toast in the morning with egg ...and yes I been diagnosed with stomach gastritis and I'm on ppis ..I get really hot at night but my feet gets really cold during the day ...how much is a private consultation cost slowdragon bcs I don't work


And if u have slightly elevated tpo antibodies what does that mean bcs when they did ultrasound of my neck the sonographer said its thyroiditis what does that mean I don't understand both of these


Tpo is hashimotos like i have-but being this is a old post you know that now. All those horrid symptons you describe is very on point with me samy-tsi is graves so it sounds you are blessed with 2 immune diseases like me!!xx

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That's what makes me confused rmichelle I need an expert endo to explain this to me bcs l don't understand this myself I know my trab antibodies were. Positive when I was diagnosed but tpo were slightly elevated first time and latest ones were 32 range was 35 I think so have no clue


Make sure you get copies of your blood tests never leave your health just to the gp or endo, get copies on here and members will help you, ive done nothing but learn from this site over the last 8 months of being ill and off work with this disease-you have to know what you have and how to go forward-also copies help you to look back at decide where you felt good in the range.

I am currently on titration doses of carbi now 2.5mgs and looking back feel better than 4 months ago but still symptomatic-3 immune diseases and iron def dont help but hey ho i will get there just like you will.😊😊


I took carbimazole for only up to 8 weeks then my endo stopped it saying its all normal even I was still symptomatic I know carbi was making me hypo but there should be another option I'm not the same person anymore don't feel 100% myself couple of weeks back my GP tested me for celiac which came negative bcs after having thyroid issue last year in august I was diagnosed with stomach gastritis that's not good either I'm trying different things to control that which is helping like u I'm a mother of 4 young kids my oldest is almost12...and youngest is 2 and half to be honest with u I have learnt even ur blood results are normal if the antibodies are there that's what they have to control I know going gluten is a big help but there should be something else to suppress them I hope and pray we all get better soon...keep updating each other so we know what we can do ....hugs ..



I only have experience of private endocrinologist fees (£150-200) Most endocrinologists are not interested in gut

But getting gut Better is essential. There are couple of nutritionist on Thyroid UK list

Consultations are possibly slightly cheaper, but stool testing etc can add up

Many find strictly gluten free diet helps as first step. Plus probiotics, fermented foods etc

Links about low stomach acid





Other things to help heal gut lining

Bone broth



I am always dizzy but some days like you it's a feeling as if you must eat or you will pass out. I have had glucose level tested in the past and apparently they are fine. I don't know what causes it but it's horrible. My body can be warm but hands a feet freezing. I usually feel like this when I am really tired. No idea if it's connected🤔


Ur symptoms are exactly like mine I do get all these symptoms its weird all started after having thyroid issue I never had these issues before


Ive been normal for months now and still very symptomatic, i still have body jerking at night and also feeling scared if my hubby turns in the night or coughs...its ridiculous🎄


I'm exactly the same start feeling jerky if my hubby wakes up or if light sound anything even if my poor little one come up I get jerry not nice at all ...light sounds and lights wakes me up in seconds and then I get jerky and shaky ..oh dear hope we get better but I can assure u that a combo therapy treatment is good for thyroid that what I have learnt and read from the past three years


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