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Looking for an 'interested, think outside the box' endocrinologist in the Atlanta (US) area. My thyroid problems are being treated by my PCP

I lost thyroid fx in 1984 due to radiation for laryngeal cancer (which was resolved and no longer a problem). But over the years of thyroid treatment have had many problems. Tx always to just adjust levothyroxine dose. I am a retired nurse and have felt for a long time that my thyroid problems are not being managed well. I never feel really well anymore but my GP is dismissive re my thyroid questions. She is an excellent PCP in other ways but I think it's time I turned my endocrine problems over to a specialist. I am soon to be 74 and don't want to play the 'hit or miss' game re finding a new doc. Also in 2011 I was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation which is not currently a problem as it is well managed (belong to a-fib forum). But it was discovered that the main trigger for the AF was years of a too high levothyroxine dose (300 mcg for years.) Now I think it is too low and she seems to want to let sleeping dogs lie. My last TSH was at the very upper limits of normal. She wanted to wait until it got out of range. I really pushed to up my dose then as the TSH before that one was slightly lower and the numbers were creeping up. My thinking is why wait til the numbers go even higher, let's do something now. I was really insistent so she raised my dose from 100 mcg to 125 mcg. This was almost six months ago and I still am tired, cold, irritable,etc Doesn't feel antibody test is necessary, etc. I'm fed up. Also I have had an adrenal cyst on right adrenal gland for years. Always shows up on other x-rays-gallbladder etc, is seen, typed into the report and then ignored. I have repeatedly been told over the years it is nothing to worry about- that it is just an "incidentaloma cyst". I also want my adrenal function checked-so far told not to worry. I don't believe a cyst can sit on an adrenal gland for years and remain harmless. Doesn't make sense to me. But no one seems to think it's important to look into this. Has anyone else had anything like this? I believe at this point my thyroid problems are not being addressed and are causing various other symptoms. There are tests I think need to be done and questions I want answered. She is not doing this. I don't know what else to do except find another doc. I did see another endo several years ago but he was more of a diabetic specialist. And through weight loss, and diet changes I have gotten myself off all insulin, take no diabetic meds,and my A1C has been in the 5 to 6 range for over 2 years. This problem is well-controlled so I don't need a diabetic focused endocrinologist. I'm really tired -physically and mentally- of all this BS and dismissiveness. Any ideas? I would seriously consider an alternative doctor but they are very expensive and as insurance doesn't cover them everything is out of pocket. If it was just a consult I would gladly pay the fee. But because our system is so money driven alternative med docs order many tests (expensive) and treatments /supplements that you have to buy from them. Sort of an 'a-la-carte' treatment plan with everything extra $$$. So this is not really an option financially. I also would like to know if anyone has info on thyroid support groups in my area. I know the best place to find a good doc is often thru other patients who have finally gotten tired re the run-around and found a doctor who offers real help and solutions. Can you tell how frustrated I am over my 'badly managed thyroid probs??' Thanks for listening. irina1975 Atlanta, GA (US)

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Majority of members are in the UK and won't have recommendations for endos outside of the UK.

Try this link officialgenaleenolin.com/pr... and perhaps contact the Facebook pages of Gena Nolin, Mary Shomon and Hypothyroidmom who are US thyroid advocates who may be able to advise of good endos in Atlanta.

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Thanks Clutter. Will get right on it. Thanks again. irina1975


Hi clutter Update. Just pulled up Gena Nolin website- very informative. Got names of 3 docs in my area. and sent email re joining her site. Thanks. irina1975.


Hi Irina1975. Been looking for you, to find our if you have had your appointment at the RLS Clinic, yet. I hope so. I also saw your inquiry about an indocrinologist. I have one I like that treated my thyroid. Dr. Chip Reed is very good, sometimes hard to get an apt. with, but worth the wait. He is in Roswell.

A little late, but hope it helps.


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