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More About the Vagus Nerve and why we become ill.

Whether it's Hashimoto's or any chronic condition, it's been determined that inflammation and the chronic fright or flight state are the reason behind almost all of them. Dysautonomia is not new; I learned about it over a decade ago and knew it made sense but was difficult to treat. Healing the brain is difficult as we have found out watching The Broken Brain series.

We've discussed stimulating the vagus nerve by throat exercises since the nerve runx behind both ears and the palate. There may be something more we can do. This explains what goes wrong.

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Vagus nerve stimulation is a useful tool to reduce abnormally elevated levels of inflammation throughout the body, and is a critical tool for the reversal of traumatic and non-traumatic brain injury.


If the “fight or flight” Sympathetic brain commands are disrupted people may feel tired, crave salt or sugar, experience excessive hunger, or get anxious. People may get heart palpitations, tingling or numbness in their arms (hands or face), disrupted night vision, varicose veins, E.D., stiff necks and shoulders, severe (“migraine”) headaches, or insomnia.

If the “rest and digest” Parasympathetic brain commands are disrupted they may affect the intestinal tract (heartburn or constipation), immune system (autoimmune disorders), and produce chronic pain syndromes (fibromyalgia). People may get sleep apnea, “restless legs”, morning nausea, night sweats/hot flashes, power surge sensations when they should be at rest, or non-restorative sleep. But when the portion of the autonomic nervous that regulates blood pressure is not working well, the body is unable to keep proper blood flow and oxygen levels to the brain. This condition is referred to as autonomic (sympathetic) withdrawal.


Metabolic inflammation is the cumulative effect of a variety of problems. Excessive omega-6 fatty acids (vegetable oils) and deficient omega-3 fatty acids (DHA, ALA, EPA) in our foods are believed to be one of the major global triggers of obesity and diabetes. Compounding this is an imbalance of intestinal bacteria (SIBO) and the ingestion of chemicals referred to as AGE’s (advanced glycation end products).


i could listen to his voice all day--- he says dont try this at home, well we have no doctor here to help us-- and it make ssense, i thought i had this when my nervous system went haywire, itwas like being plugged into a socket with the ciucuit gone wrong- i prayed for death even tho i have two lovely sons, please God dont ever send that time back to me---it was so awful for months into years,

and i swear it wa s the infected rabbit who broke my skin when it scratched me- iwish i had never agreed to feed it for a dirty neighbor.. a bacteria that no doctor wante dto listen to or help i was just told i was mad as my body wa s

so haywire and bizarre- sweating buckets eachnight, it stuck now i know bloody

well we sweat to rid the bacteria. throbbing twitching tingling dizzzy adrenalfatigue sickness hairloss weakness, unable to eat yellow liquid diohrea jumpinginto convulsions atnight my god i feltso ill.. no one wanted to help i was told i needed a shrink- i did not! did getto autonomic hospital where he thought it wa s adrenal malfunction but that is part of it all. i have vasodepressor autonomic mediated syncope diagnoses but as i was haywire it was thought dys'..


A doctor I used to follow knew all about this and of course they took away his license. I guess it is dangerous for doctors to make people well.

There is bacteria that gets stuck in the intestinal tract which they call SIBO and it is hard to fix. Of course the one prescription antibiotic called Rimaxifin is very expensive. It stays within the gut and doesn't enter the bloodstream. Natural herbs they mentioned on the SIBO summit were berberine, Neem, Allicin, Schisandra to name a few. Eating foods that digest quickly keeps the food from fermenting and also eating infrequently.

And then there are stealth infections throughout the body. As you say, when things go haywire the body can't work as intended.

This doctor has developed a treatment in Arizona and I don't know if there are others but there are techniques to balance the nervous systems that can work as well which the doctor I first mentioned would encourage. There are binaural beat cds and other devices to help bring about the relaxation state but you have to dedicate yourself to doing it twice daily.

It takes discipline.

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