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feeling very unwell i have typd out endo's letter

this lady was on t4 and was not well on that alone so commenced t4 /t3. Last year she went onto armour. current thyroid replacment.

ft4 is 11pmol/l

ft3 is 4 pmol/l

tsh 0.04miu/l.

as tsh is suppressed the risk of atrial fibrillation is increased. atrial fib significantly increases risk of strokes. therefore th eaim i sto maintain tsh concentrations within normal range but at least above 1.0 mlu/l

despite her current thyroid replacemnet thi slady remains very unwell with difficulty concentrating, profound fatigue, ongoingsever alopecia.

she is on b12 supplematation b12 is currently 1440ng/ml which is above normal limit of normal. this is not harmful but additional boluses of b12 are not currently required. ongoingb12 mainentance is recommend evry 3 months (injection).

treatmant plan is reduce armour to 75 mg daily. ( how can he do that when i take 6 one quarter grains a day and it dosent even add up to 75mg????

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Do you have the lab ref ranges for FT4 and FT3?

6 x 1/4 grain (15mg) is 90mg so endo has reduced your dose by 1 x 1/4 (15mg).

I think he's kidding himself if he thinks reducing dose by 1/4 grain will raise TSH to 1.0.


no silly bugger didnt send the ranges... bloody hell clutter-- i was on 75 mcgt4 and 20mcg t3 then he let me try armour-- i take 6x one quarter grain and wavy lines worked that out to 65 ,but i reckon its less-ie 57 mcg t4 i am so tired now, dry skin faitgued....



6 x 1/4 grain = 90mg.

In 90mg there is 57mcg T4 and 13.5mcg T3.

In 75mg there is 47mcg T4 and 11.25mcg T3.


yes if he lowers it any more i might as well not take any-- thanks clutter.. its a far cry from 75 levo-- i hope he tranfers me back to it now AND liothyroine.. at least i will have more..ps, on a differnt note i asked him for some hrt to see if it would help my hair- he said no-- anyway having a prolapse the gyno gave me estradial yesterday, so i suppose i will have some improvementt in the nether regions! iwonder if i couldrubsome on my barnet fair!


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