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off topic but a neccessity especially when unwell

has anyone used any of these-- Todmans solicitors in south east or Birkett and long ( j bee told me about these, Paul Robinson or Pinny Talfourd , last year i was very stressed tryingto sort out my elderly brotherinlaws legal crap , he is in 80s and his house wasnt registerd nor was he on deeds, my sister lives with him unmarried, i wa sso stressed trying to find a paper trail, trackingdown losts deeds

and arranging appointmnet for his will-- i thought last year was bad enough - my hair was gone! as if i need this crap-- it was finally registered and BOTH names went on deeds but i now wonder if thatis classed as a gift--- now his will isnt right and he is a year older and now my nervous anxious sister is too scared to make her will in case she does it

wrong, she, i am sure is depressed, needs thryoid hormone, i think she lacks vit d c b vit and b12 her anxiety is off the wall- mine is bad enough, i feel so ill, myheadfeelslike it willburst and i am ageingfast with worry, last year took its toll and made me so ill and now it is happening allover again, as i have to choose soliciotors who will understand 2 nervous wrecks.. with complicated wills,--as my 2 sisters also are tenants in common of my mums house-- which will all go to my boys i am the only one with kids. i am torn between these 4 above, and also i need

home visits as the old chap cant walk far- we all want my son there but he works in the weekan dnot many do weekends. but if anyone has used any of these, although not many thyroidies in my area, please gimme some feed back. my poor body is like a 99 year old woman now.

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I have sent you a message bluepettals2 . xx


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