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if you t3 ladies would like to kickup ,i have just written to these? with the REAL reason and the EXCUSE


TOLD TO ME BY CCG THAT THE MEDICALMANGEMENT TEAM say there is NO CLINICAL use IN T3 , so i have told MHRA -so all of a sudden theydecide thereisno use in it whenwehave survived onit??? bybloody space bar doesnt work.


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On the basis that they repeatedly say there is no evidence for its use, I'd argue that there is similarly no evidence that it has no clinical use.

"Evidence" in this sort of contest usually gets taken as a sufficiently large and comprehensive high quality trial. I don't believe there is such a beast.

Note: This "no clinical use" would also include all other uses of T3 such as in treatment-resistant depression, in reduced sensitivity to thyroid hormone, in organ transplantation, etc. (I have posted many papers which highlighted uses of T3 other than simple hypothyroidism.) They need to provide comprehensive evidence that there really is NO clinical use. If they cannot do so then the statement is unjustified and should be withdrawn.

i really needed you to draft my letter H,because i just said it how it rolled outof my mouth on my email to MHRA..


Your poor spacebar also needs some T3 TLC (tender loving care).

It is about time the majority of Endocrinologists who spread tall stories had to sit an exam - the questions of course to be prepared by those patients who are still not well or haven't been for years with restrictions placed upon what they can and cannot get prescribed.

It's not our fault that T3 cost has risen just so the Companies Profits rise.

Neither is it our fault that NDT was also withdrawn a while back and people forced to source their own NDT or T3 through False Statements being made about NDT or T3 by those who should know better. Thank God other specialists seem to have compassion for their patients and do everything in their power for them.

The NHS could save many £££££s if we were given what suits us instead of getting additional prescriptions for the continuing or additonal 'clinical symptoms' or maybe even developing other problems.

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sono one wants to complain to the governming body shaws, our only chance is if everyone were to write in. one person cant do it alone.

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You are correct bluepettals2, Most of us signed a Petition when T3 was first withdrawn. Thyroiduk have had a campaign and also been working on this too:-


ITT are doing loads, as a group. I'm in Norfolk, and our group is doing lots too. But it takes ages.. fighting systems as convoluted as the NHS and CCGs

I've never wanted to wish anything on anyone but it's getting very tempting.

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