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Sunny today...yippee!

That's it's, I'm off out into the sunshine (wrapped up of course😉)

I hope you fellow members are also able to enjoy it. If nothing else the feel of it on your face is wonderful.

I'll admit I'm having to force myself a little, through the front door, since I've been bed bound for a few days & lost my confidence. Strange isn't it, how you can affected.

No more from me, otherwise I'll not get out!

Wishing everyone a good day today.

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Spring is in the air😍

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I hope you enjoyed your outing :)

The sun is shining here too, although quite cold and breezy. I took my dog for a walk on the beach and I have some sheets blowing on the line in the sunshine. Certainly makes you feel a bit brighter :)

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Hello Wastedtime4 & Seaside


I agree, Spring is in the air. My snow drops & crocus have got me into the garden & cleaning it up a little.

So much easier to do when you have sun, abit of energy & children in school.

That said I could easily be persuaded to take to the beach like yourself Susie. I hope you enjoyed your walk.

I certainly enjoyed mine.

A pleasure to meet you both.

All the best

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