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Folate levels question again

If my folate is bottom of range, is that sufficient or not?

Level: 8.3, - Range 2.91 - 50.00

I am seeing my Endo again this week and printing off all my private tests. This was my folate test a while back, that stated as folate being ok :o It is in range, but as a Hypo sufferer (symptomatic despite high levels of T4 and T3) I was wondering if raising the folate levels would help? :(

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I wouldn't be happy with my folate levels there and would want to raise them to mid-range at least. You could get a good methylfolate and supplement for 3 months then stop and retest. Mine went right over range when I supplemented but I felt a lot better although I increased B12 at the same time, which was around mid-range but is now at top of range. I now incorporate lots of folate rich foods in my diet as you need to eat a little folate each day to maintain levels. I don't think your body stores it but I could be wrong.

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B12 and folate are frequently found in the same biochemical pathways & should balance. Your active Vit B12 is good but folate is low.

Folate (B9) should work with vitamin Vit B12 to help create, develop and regenerate red blood cells and make iron work properly. Deficiencies in either can cause similar symptoms and may be supplemented as Methylfolate and Methylocobalamin together with B Complex.

Folic acid is converted to L-methyl folate (biologically active form of the vitamin). Hypothyroidism causes a decrease in the activity of the enzyme methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase, which is responsible for producing L-methyl folate in the liver & low levels result in excess levels of homocysteine. High homocysteine levels are considered a significant risk factor in cardiovascular disease and may disrupt thyroid metabolism.

People with the common MTHFR problems should supplement folate and never folic acid as if not utilised correctly (due to genetic variations) it can bind up with & reduce receptor proteins reducing the absorption rate further. There are so many different terms//forms used for methylfolate & many of this forum (including myself) supplement L-5-MTHF. The “L” is the important part as indicates 99% pure biologically active methylfolate.


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Thank you radd :) A most comprehensive reply full of good information :)


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