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The App

I like the App but it seems to have gone a bit wonky. I’ve tried to edit a couple of posts over the last few days but when I hit post, nothing happens then suddenly the page goes blank then if I hit the back button I get the corrected post but it just won’t post. I can correct using the online site so it must be the App. Anyone else having problems? Another issue is following the link from an email if I’ve had a response, takes me to the page I was last on and there aren’t any links along the bottom to reach home or notifications?

I am using a new iPhone, I’m wondering if the App hasn’t kept up with latest updates and that’s causing it?

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Whilst it is perfectly fine to post this type of experience - it might well help others - I do urge you contact HU:

(I have an older iPhone, which just updated a couple of days or so ago. The uptake of updates of IOS is usually pretty high, and pretty fast. So I'd expect many people to be affected.)


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