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Is Unipharma T3 stronger than Cynomel T3?

Since starting to take T3 20 months ago, I've been tweaking my dose of T3 and Levo, to try and find my optimum combination. Currently I'm taking 125 Levo with 37.5 T3.

About 4 weeks ago I used Mexican Cynomel instead of UniPharma, and my hypo symptoms started to return. So I've gone back to Unipharma, and feel better; but I haven't got many packs left of these now.

Is Cynomel known to be a weaker brand? If that's a known thing, I could increase the Cynomel slightly.

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I bought some Grossman Cynomel from Mexico and I found it stronger than Unipharma and have to take less Cynomel than I did Unipharma. I don't actually like the Cynomel as much, I have some Unipharma that I will be going back to but of course it wont last forever.

Sometime ago another member bought some Grossman Cynomel (supposedly) from a different Mexican supplier, very much cheaper than mine, she found it didn't help at all and wondered if it was fake.


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