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Grave disease Block and replace treatment

I am grave disease patient for one year.I am on a block and replace treatment.I have prescribed 100 mcg levothyroxine and 10mcg neo marcazole/Carbimazole.I usually take levothyroxine every morning with empty stomach then after 01 hour I take carbimazole with a meals.Is it correct method?Coule anyone give me how to take these tablets properly please?

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What you are doing sounds right.

When I was taking block and replace I used to waken up early and take my levothyroxine at around 06.00 on an empty stomach with a glass of water then it was about 07.30 by the time I was ready for breakfast and I took my carbimazole and a couple of other pills I take - one of them was vitamin C because when I started taking carbimazole my pharmacist told me to take high strength vitamin C along with it so I always took 1000mcg slow release vitamin C with zinc. I got on very well with block and replace so perhaps it was the vitamin C that helped.

If I was late in taking my levothyroxine I always ate breakfast later in the morning - you need to leave the hour / hour and a half.

I was taking a lot more carbimazole than you are though - I started on 20mcg and that didn’t make much difference to my blood tests so after four weeks I was told to take 40mcg carb and I started on 25mcg levothyroxine and worked up to 100mcg levothyroxine by the time I stopped block and replace a year later.

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Thanks a lot.

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