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1st post, newbie! Medicheck test results - help please


I have a strong family history of hypothyroidism, and seem to have a lot of symptoms (weight gain, hair loss, exhaustion, low heart rate, low body temperature, brain fog, and infertility which is my main worry), yet my gp isn’t interested as my tsh was ‘normal’ and refused to do anymore.

On the recommendation of a family member who is well informed (and who is convinced I have a thyroid issue) I’ve had a medicheck test, but I would really appreciate any thoughts you have on the results. Thank you

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Post your results on the pernicious anaemia society (PAS) on healthunlocked asap. Your active B12 is too high and they may have a clue on why that is.

Your thyroid results show normal thyroid function, and your other results look fine.

Btw if you have a recent full blood count make sure you post those results as well on the PAS thread.

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It's difficult when your results don't show up something obvious immediately. I'd do as bluebug suggested and share on the PAS forum, then I'd also start considering other conditions which may share symptoms - have you been checked for PCOS (polycycstic ovary syndrome) or candida?

I've struggled with fertility since my symptoms increased, was misdiagnosed PCOS, and now sure it's related to the thyroid and Hashimotos. So I'd start exploring other possibilities but be prepared to retest in the next few months, as there's a chance your levels might be fluctuating. There's no clear answer right now but don't give up.

P.S. I'd advise anyone with those symptoms to try going gluten-free and (processed) sugar free. You might be surprised at the impact it could have, and it's a good way to start 'treating' yourself in a safe way while you don't yet have answers.

Head up :)


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