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Clutter if you can help with my results, or other comments most grateful. Thanks

My Free 4 last month was 1.0 and my Tsh was 4.19. Isn't it too low on my Free 4? This month my Tsh is 2.95

I was diagnosed last year as having hashimotos and graves, and still taking Methimazole except my dosages are 2.5 mg once a day only on Mon, Wed, and Friday. Clutter I hope to hear from you, since you always do, but appreciate all other comments. Thanks so much.

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You could pm(private message her) instead as she may not pick it up here!!😊

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TSH 2.95 is an improvement. Was dose reduced after TSH was 4.95?

You haven't included the lab ref ranges for FT4 so I've no idea whether 1.0 is low or high.


No my medication Methimazole is still 2.5 once a day Mon, Wed, Friday. I'll look for the references on the Free 4, just saw your message, and I'm away from home. Thanks Clutter. I'll send the reference range on that free4 when I get home.


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