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letter of response regarding price of t3, please would other's also write in,private script of Lio is £300 plus!

NHS is charged £236 approx for a month supply . my chemist said it is disgraceful and Gov should be looking into it. i also wrote to my MP. I wonder If lynmynott has taken up the issue of this and if so what is the outcome?



Our ref: 20180129/PM/18

Dear Mrs ********

Thank you for your email of 21 January 2018 about Liothyronine costs.

We are grateful that you have taken the trouble to get in touch with us. We depend on people contacting us with information about alleged anti-competitive practices or unfair trading practices. Using this information, we can gain a deeper understanding of how markets are working and where appropriate we may contact businesses to remind them of the need to comply with competition and consumer laws or launch a full investigation into alleged unlawful conduct.

What happens next?

We have sent your correspondence to our Intelligence Team which analyses and assesses the information we receive and advises on which cases offer the best prospect to make real differences for consumers, enabling us to decide which cases to take forward.

You will appreciate that, like any public authority, we have finite resources so we must prioritise which cases we pursue. We decide this based on our published prioritisation principles. You can find more about these as well as about our current cases and projects on our website.

What you have sent us will help us consider whether we should make more detailed enquiries. We will get in touch with you if we need more information, but as I am sure you will understand, we cannot engage in further correspondence with everyone who contacts us. Even where we do not immediately take up a case, the information you and other people provide to us is valuable in helping us to build up a fuller picture of how markets are working and may in time lead to us taking some further action.

Thank you again for contacting us.

Yours sincerely

Philip McCormick

Competition and Markets Authority

Victoria House | Southampton Row | London | WC1B 4AD

020 3738 6000 | gov.uk/cma | @CMAgovUK

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That is a surprising reply as the CMA have already made a provisional ruling against Concordia for the price inflation of Liothyronine. If you Google CMA Concordia, you will find numerous newspaper articles written around Nov 2017 from when they made a press release. gov.uk/government/news/drug...

If you would like to be involved in fighting the cause, may I suggest you look up the ITT campaign (Improve Thyroid Treatment ) on Facebook.


You send your private prescription to Germany and get it much more cheaply.


I do exactly that. But it's a shame I need to.



Have a look at Lyn's posts to see what she and TUK were doing about T3 last year.



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