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ageing fast- telemeres shortening fast--- hair miniturising, searching for remedies and came across this and i am totally confused.com

NAD/ NAD+ NADH AMPK- , antiage ta65 i think it is most expensive but supposed to repair cell damage, some say itcauses cancers other reports say it doesnt.. i found selfhacked packes with lots of info but it has blown my mind and left me more confused than ever. any brain bods here who can understand please write in laymans language thanks.


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Might find this article easier to read: lifeextension.com/Magazine/... and a newer one lifeextension.com/Magazine/...


thanks angel-- this is far better to understand- so what do ibuy the nad+ AND the nictoninamide ribose stuff or is it in the one bottle? have you heard of it- i expect you have, have you tried it? i will give it a bash..


i have bought the nad now- it has the ribose in. out of stock two months gggrrrr


Well, I got mine from lifeextension - the europe site. I think they still have the annual sale on so there should be discounts for bulk purchase. I got D Ribose from bulkpowders.co uk - very cheap - which is good for energy.


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