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Weight loss on lower dose of levo

I had been on 100 levo for 30 + years and feeling fine . I am 63 . My Dr lowered my dose to 75 based on a THS of .02( normal range is .40-4.5

T4, T3 and Free T4 and Free T3 were not tested

. He also upped my avorstatin from 20- 40 as high cholesterol runs in my family and I have had it since childhood. It's only been a week on these new doses and I haven't noticed any difference other than a 2 pound weight loss with no change in diet. I am 5'4 and always been thin around 96 pounds. Has anyone noticed weight loss on a lowered dose. I think it may be fluid

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Suppressed TSH 0.02 doesn't mean you are over medicated as long as FT3 remains within range. Sadly your GP hasn't asked the lab to check FT4 and FT3.

Most people have weight gain on reduced Levothyroxine dose. Perhaps it is increasing your statin dose that has caused the weight loss.


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