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Going gluten free

Thank you to everyone who responded to my first post, I have really cheered up after that :) I am taking another big positive step to sorting my Hashimotos in going gluten free: is it affordable? Is it easy to do? How long until I notice a difference in how I feel? It is very hard for me since I am too tired to prepare lunch or eat breakfast, and more often than not opt for sandwiches/chocolate (I get very uncontrollable sugar cravings!)

So any ideas, thoughts, tips would be very much appreciated :)

Thank you again

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Hi blondie8502.........for gluten free meals.......I get a big pot and put in unpeeled organic potatoes and unpeeled organic veg, eat as veg or as a soup. I cook a whole chicken and have that has a meal and cold as snack. I also do large curries and chilli meal to last a few days even for breakfast.I now eat 85 percent dark chocolate. It's hard to cook when so tired so I try to cook for a few days and protein is filling,. My absorption of my levothyroxine increased and I felt quite hyper (horrible) so watch yourself, I ended up halving my dose of Levothyroxine on a permanent basis due to better absorption in my case. Good luck.

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Brill reply from Mary also for sugar cravings I find fruit nuts and seeds good, I do my own mixes as I'm not tolerate to all nuts, pomegranate seeds are sweet and sharp

Good luck on your GF journey you will feel tithe benefits in time x


Look for recipes on Pinterest and get involved in cooking.

Don’t buy any of the gluten free bread cakes and biscuits in supermarkets as they are mega high in sugar.


I also do batch cooking - e.g. I make a massive bean chilli (I'm veggie) and this will keep in fridge for ages and I put some in the freezer. It's a lifesaver, literally!

Also, I used to crave sugar like crazy but since I've had my medication levels about right this has stopped so fingers crossed it won't be long for you - though Id defo recommend trying to have breakfast as this will really help also. I know how tough it is when you're exhausted but even a banana will make you feel so much better and more energised. Good luck :)


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