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T3 and Mercury Pharma vs Morningside

Hi Everyone.

Well I managed to get a new prescription as the Teva Liothyronine was not working for me. ( I also complained about Teva to Teva, plus the yellow card system and my gp called me to ask what side effects I was having with it.)

Boots collect/dispense my prescriptions.

This time I asked for Morningside as some people on here seem to be doing well on it. I received a call today to say that Boots wholesalers can't get Morningside. They have offered me Mercury Pharma though.

They have dispensed 3 months supply for me.

Can I ask anyone who is taking Morningside whether they find it to be better for them than Mercury or about the same?

I have agreed to take Mercury as I am very pleased to have it as opposed to Teva!!

But wonder if next time I should shop around the pharmacies for Morningside.

Be interested to know how others are feeling on Morningside rather than Mercury.

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Yes personally I definitely prefer Morningside.

My local Boots refused to supply Morningside, they will only order in Mercury Pharma T3.

They also refuse to supply my Mercury Pharma T4, even though it is stated on my prescription as only brand I can tolerate, saying they don't deal with MP!

Tesco on the other hand is very helpful


Thank you Slowdragon. I will try other pharmacies for Morningside when this script is over.

Can I ask why you feel Morningside is better?


Seems much much more effective at exactly same dose.

Just like Levothyroxine, they are all different

Some have tried Morningside and don't like it

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I find Morningside much better, slightly stronger and much longer expiry. If you get your GP to write Morningside Liothyronine on your script Boots will get it. They have a contract with Teva and if it isnt written on the script they have to pay an extra £100 which they can not claim back.

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