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Morningside T3 not sure I like it!

I took my new Morningside T3 for 1st time this morning then went back to sleep which I haven't ever done on Mercury Pharma. I then woke up with a stinking head ache, my chest is itchy and burning sensation under the skin I also have burning itchy shins,, really not sure i am liking this I also have palpitations and feel a bit shaky which did not get on MP,,

Has anyone else felt like this on them?

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If you type "Morningside" into the Search Thyroid UK box you will find posts on Morningside. Some members like it, others don't.

Take it back to your pharmacist and tell them the adverse effects it's caused and ask them to source you some Mercury Pharma.

You can also make a yellow card report yellowcard.mhra.gov.uk/

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thank yoi I will take it in tomorrow :)


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