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17 year old Grandsons results

17 year old Grandsons results

Hi My Grandson has had some unusual tiredness dizzy spells and headaches these bloods were done at 1pm I did say go as early as possible I can see his folate isn't good his ferritin low range his thyroid Tsh probably would have been higher had he gone early morning. He has to go back to see the gp so does anything really stick out that he can be aware of please... No t3 bloods were taken he did ask

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Folate is dire and needs discussing with GP. I imagine folic acid should be prescribed. Some information:



Ferritin is far too low but as it's actually in range GP may not do anything. However, MCV and MCHC are within range so iron deficiency anaemia isn't indicated.

Query lymphocyte, eosinophil, and basophil results as they are all flagged and out of range.

Also, can't see enough at the bottom but "Sample Culture (TM)" is flagged.

Can someone go with your grandson to the appointment, a 17 year old may not have the confidence or be assertive enough to question things if GP starts fobbing him off.


Thank You SeasideSusie, I didn't actually notice the flagged results. He had urine sample taken and he just told me he has got antibiotics given now.. so some sort of infection they want him back again so I'll go or someone will...


Ah! That bit at the bottom where it says Sample Culture says below it "Nitrofurantoin" and that's an antibiotic for urinary tract infections. It's possible that's connected with those out of range Neutrophils/Monocytes results. Not sure so it's worth asking - it would be so nice if doctors explained things, unless your grandson just hasn't mentioned it.

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Well takes me back a good few years I didn't know or Question the gps l thought they knew best so Thankful for help and advice on here! Still learning


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