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Someone to promote thyroid issues?

Call me mean if you like but am listening to the radio today, been awake since 3am😫

There is massive coverage about brain tumours as Dame tessa Jules has been diagnosed. Well, god forbid it’s awful I’m sure and to give this awful cancer time on the radio is good. Hope she copes and is helped , pain control etc.

During the same coverage radio 4 🤓 it was announced that UK are taking to many anti depressants , mostly women ! Costing NHS too much !

I have had cancer diagnosed 2 in my life undoing treatment for 1 and the other having lost my thyroid . Very treatable of course , just 1 tablet a day, no problem!

Well may for many , some, that might be the case . What I’m trying to say is quality of life and living with something , ok , it’s not going to kill you, but where’s the support .

Sorting myself out with this thyroid hormone has been the biggest challenge , totally misunderstood by anyone accept , thank god , all of you on this forum. Don’t know what I would do without all of you caring helpful people. Thank you.x

Still hoping to get there yet, but not too bad.

Chronic illness is boring to those around you, unless you are lucky. there is no particular conclusion because of the nature of it. My husband is quite good but I have isolated from friends , can’t cope .

Sorry feeling s bit sorry for myself , thought I was getting a bit better sleep but last two days have been bad. Thank you anyway for the help to deal out everyday x

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This forum is literally a lifesaver for so many people and I understand where you are coming from. We really could do with someone famous to act as spokesperson, no intention of belittling thyroid UK or Lyn Mynott, they do a great job. I know what you mean about family not always being supportive. Fortunately my better half is supportive and very patient about my endless rants!

I mentioned the BBC breakfast in my post above yours!

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