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Scared - 2 suspicious nodules

I swear my health was great until I got on thyroid meds.

I have tested + for Lyme and hasimotos. My hasimotos isn’t bad yet.

I had swollen lymph nodes from Lyme for a year. At least I think it’s from Lyme. Infectious disease dr told me my carotid artery is the lump I am feeling now. Why is there a lump on my carotid artery? No dr seems to be able to answer this question.

I had an ultra sound on the thyroid and neck. Of course they find nodules and 2 are suspicious and I need to have them biopsied.

I swear the meds did this. My thyroid was not bad. I only got on meds because it was a little low and I was going thru invitro.

Now I am scared to death. I have to wait 2 months to get into a specialist at Cleveland Clinic. So tired of worrying about my health.

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Thyroid medication does not cause thyroid nodules and thyroid nodules don't usually cause low thyroid levels. Nodules are just clumps of cells. Most adults develop one or two nodules. 95% of thyroid nodules are benign so try not to worry.


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