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Read if interested- student herbal clinic

I hope this isn’t seen as advertising a business- I just want to help.

Hi, as some may know, since having to help myself with my health, I became interested in herbal medicine. I’m training to be a herbalist and naturopath.

I have Hashimotos, B12d and Sjögrens. Without these forums I would be very poorly! I have been nagging my class mates about B12 and thyroid lol.

Part of my four year course is 500 hours of clinic practice! Since last week we started taking consultations ourselves- with fully qualified practitioners overseeing. I had my first patient- who left the college praising me to everyone. 😊

I paid a private doctor loads of money and got very little for it. Why not come to see a student- for £25 consultation + roughly £12 a week for the herbs. You’ll see one of us for an hour. (You’ll need to be around for another hour for us to discuss and make up your prescription). You also get lifestyle and diet advice. Obviously this is a student clinic so there is likely to be some observers.

The college is in Percy Circus, London, the clinics held on one or two weekends a month. Doesn’t need to be me, any of the students.

PM me and I’ll give you further info.


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Hi Jo

Thanks for the offer, sadly I'm too far up north, but I hope you and your peers are able to help fellow thyroid disorder sufferers!

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The same course runs in Manchester if that helps. X


I live in London and would love to come.

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Thanks to those who messaged me, I have put together the information now and sent it to you. :)


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