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Hashimoto’s and prolactinoma

Hi all, I’m new here

I’ve been diagnosed for Hashimotos accidentally when I was abroad for holidays a month ago

I’ve never known that I had a thyroid issue

I was very tired, couldn’t breath normally and was very anxious

They did some blood test my tsh was 27 , free t4 low and the antibodies highly positive

My vitamin and serum iron were low and I had also a scan, there was a little goiter

I’ve been put straightaway on levothyroxine 75

Here in the uk I’m seeing an endocrinologist since more than a year for a pituitary adenoma, it is a macro prolactinoma of 12 mm

My prolactin level were around 3500 when diagnosed ( range less than 500)

Since the diagnosis I’m on cabergoline 2 tabs a week

My prolactin dropped but still high ( tested abroad around 1500 in the end of December)

In the last mri the tumor was the same size as when diagnosed

The endo that I’ve seen told me that I should take more cabergoline (3 tabs a week) because in her opinion if the prolactin didn’t drop to range and the tumor didn’t shrink in more than a year we have to increase the medication

Before holidays, I had a follow up appointment at the hospital with the endo. That day I did also blood tests

Two days ago I called the hospital to have my labs result as they didn’t send them

Prolactin 3290

Tsh 24

Ft4 was 8

They did fsh, lh. Oestradiol and IGF1 as well

I told the nurse why you didn’t contact me to tell me about my labs especially because they weren’t normal at all and that you had to put me on medication, if they did I wouldn’t have all the symptoms

She told me that in my case they don’t care about tsh, they just see free t4 and she told me 8 was normal!!!!!!!! It isn’t! And why they don’t put in medication someone who has tsh at 24!!!!! Why they didn’t test the antibodies??? It should be automatic when someone has tsh that high

I’m really upset and disappointed, I don’t know what to do ???!

Can someone help me please and tell me what I can do in my situation

I’m not from the uk, I settled 18 months ago and feel really lost in all this

Thank you

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A Free T4 of 8 sounds likely to be low - but do you have the reference range?

If you had a TSHoma, it would not be unusual to also have high prolactin levels. I don't know, but is it possible that your prolactinoma could also be causing your TSH to be higher than would otherwise be expected?

I think I'd go along with not taking too much notice of TSH at present - but I would want Free T4 and Free T3 test results (and ranges).


For free t4 the range is 10-23

My free t3 is 6 ( range 4.2-8)

What is a TSHoma?

My antibodies was very high more than 1000 for ATPO

I’ve read that if the antibodies are high it’s is definitely autoimmune


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