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Need help with results

I just got back my SALIVARY Cortisol test and need help with the results.

Little run down I did this test three nights in a row (3 salivary swabs) at roughly same time before bed. (No eating or teeth brushing before test)

Results for each SALIVARY Cortisol test:

Ranges : < 0.010 - 0.90

Day 1: 1.590

Day 2: 0.027

Day 3: 0.023

What if anything does these number indicate? Appreciate the help.

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I've never heard of a saliva test of that sort. Normally, it would be a 24 hour test, spitting into a tube four times a day - morning, lunchtime, afternoon, evening. Just testing in the evening only gives you part of the story. I don't really think those results indicate anything at all, neither good nor bad, because they don't give enough information.


Yeah I'm not sure the reasoning of this test either however she did say that she will be doing some type of hormone test next time she sees me... sigh these doctors just waste my time and start grating on my nerves.


One has the impression they're just playing at doctors, half the time. :(



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