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Private Testing

Private Testing

Ok, so taking some time this morning to look through the Blue Horizon options. There are a few hospitals nearby on their lists so maybe thinking that going for testing would be more accurate/reliable info (that GP will accept) than postal?

Thought I would just go the whole hog, and then saw the price!!!!! I thought it would cost a couple of hundred but £600 is a lot.

My main concern is that I'm not converting so do I need FT3 or total T3?

Doc can't do Vit D so want that done

Cramping probs so magnesium might be beneficial?

Previous reply on one of my questions was that B12 is a little low.

Or maybe just do a home kit?

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I certainly wouldn't pay £600 when you could get the tests you need via Blue Horizon Thyroid Plus 11 or Medichecks UltraVits for <£100.

You don't need to tell your GP that you used a home kit. GP will either accept the blood test results or not. The tests you need to determine how well you are converting are TSH, FT4 and FT3.

Magnesium serum test is probably not worth bothering with. If you are experiencing cramps supplement 350-375mcg magnesium citrate daily (4-6 hours away from Levothyroxine) or use a magnesium oil spray.


You can also have vitD carried out by City Assays which is a Birmingham NHS hospital laboratory. The price goes up on 1st April to £29 but I think it's about £28 at the moment.


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