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Lump in neck

I had full thyroide removal 4 years ago and suffered graves disease I have not felt well since, iv all was had hoarse voice and sore throats on & off and tightness where I had the removal I'm under consultant now for luMp in neck and after camra up nose to throat he found white spots iv asked for worst and best best he said saliva glands blocked worst he said something nasty I seem to have a funny feEling in back of neck few weeks ago and felt like a shape stabbing and couldn't move neck shoulders for a few mins and still aches across back of neck any one ekes feel like this waiting to have another biopsy & another ct scan

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Blocked saliva glands cause very dry mouth which can make it difficult to eat and swallow. Swishing lemon juice around the mouth can stimulate saliva production and may clear the blockage.

I hope the next biopsy and ct scan establish what the problem is.

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