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Update after starting combination treatment

After a week on combination treatment (swapped from 125mcg of Levo to Novothyral 75), I'd like to share my first observations.

As advised by Clutter I initially tried taking half of the tablet in the morning and a half in the evening but the evening dose was seriously affecting my sleep. Decided to take the whole tablet in the morning afterward and so far that approach has been suiting me well.

Although I don't feel 100% perfect, a lot of my remaining symptoms improved or disappeared completely. My energy levels, concentration, mood and sleep improved significantly. The shortness of breath I was suffering from for the past 10-12 years has disappeared completely. Finally, I can walk and exercise without fainting or feeling of suffocation.

Now the most interesting is my pulse and blood pressure changed too. Both of my parents have hypertension. Because of that, I tend to measure mine regularly too. In my teens and early twenties, I had low to normal blood pressure. Then my pressure was always around 130-140/70-80, pulse 60-70 and when on 125mcg of Levo they went up. My pressure was 140-160/75-90 and pulse 80-90. After switching to T4+T3 treatment both went down to 100-120/70-75 and 65-75 respectively.

As you all see T4 only treatment wasn’t suiting me that much.

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Glad it's working out for you so quickly. Don't overdo things if you've been inactive. Pace yourself. Remember to have FT3 checked in 6-8 weeks to ensure it remains within range.

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Thanks Clutter. I haven't resumed my usual exercise regime as yet as it's too cold outside and experience taught me not to jump back into heavy training even after 2 weeks off it. So far been enjoying my usual brisk walks and will slowly incorporate less strenuous exercises.

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