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Low Cortisol/ Adrenal Recovery Advice

Hello! Just looking for some advice! I'm currently suffering from CFS and I had some private Cortisol tests done, they've come back pretty low which I don't think will be helping my recovery.

CORTISOL (SALIVA) WAKING *4.930 nmol/L 6.00 - 21.00

CORTISOL (SALIVA) 12:00 <1.5 nmol/L 1.50 - 7.60

CORTISOL (SALIVA) 16:00 <1.5 nmol/L 0.00 - 5.49

CORTISOL (SALIVA) BEFORE BED <1.50 nmol/L 0.00 - 1.99

My doctor has discounted them and is doing a blood test instead.

I'm wondering what I should do to support my adrenals, i would love to hear some personal tips as online all the advice is so contradictory. I've started a adrenal cortex but then read that isn't a good idea. I've also been taking Ashwagandha, I've read about lots of other herbs that might help. I'm just conscious that my body is at a low ebb and don't want to overwhelm it.

Would I be better to see someone like Dr Peatfield? I just don't want to pay all that money to be told to take the same herbs I can get myself!

Big Hugs xx

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I understand why you don't want to pay for health advice but, if it's the right advice from a qualified person, it could save you wasting more. And it shouldn't just be to advise on herbs if done correctly. It's the same as paying for an accountant in some ways.

Maybe others on here can share their experiences good and bad re advisors. Personally I've used a naturopathic advisor who was helpful.


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