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Thyroid groiter discomfort symptoms

Looking for advice / help please as worried sick. Went doctor back in November after having baby in July diagnosed with overactive thyroid I have now been told my levels in December have normalised but I have groiter I explained I had sore throat and like frog in my throat plus cough. So had scan with injection fri was told nothing but heard technician say catscan. I've now got lot discomfort neck even moving it shoulders n chest also tight and sore. Feel clear throat and drink lot coughing. Doctor felt nodules. Very worried cancer or groiter is in my chest... don't know enough but spending lots time Internet when sud b with my baby any advice greatly received xx

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Temporary thyroid problems can occur soon after birth. They do often settle

Try not to worry

Do you have copies of your thyroid test results?

Also helpful to have thyroid antibodies tested, plus vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12

You are entitled to copies of your own blood test results.


Thanks for your reply will get copy I'm getting them retested again,feel very fatigued and dizzy times. I'm on beta blockers and vitamin d at moment. But constantly feel like my throat is tight and like something stuck so swallowing more. Not due see someone til 12 feb but guess depending on results scan may hear sooner. Just didn't think groiter had symptoms so worried quite large and pain in shoulders chest related. Not knowing and waiting scares me x

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