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Newly diagnosed hypothyroid - a couple of questions

Hi All, I've been reading the posts here but first time posting. So far this has been the most helpful resource I've found, so much appreciation for all the good info I've found here.

I was diagnosed as hypothyroid 6 weeks ago, my first test results were:

TSH - 160 (0.4 - 4)

FT4 - 3 (10 - 20)

FT3 - < 0.1 (2.8 - 6.8)

Anti-Thyroglobulin Ab - 310 (<60)

Anti-Thyroid Peroxidase Ab 5000 (<60)

vitamin D - 25 mol/L (>49)

Ferritin - 27 ug/L (20 - 290)

Vitamin B12 - 242 pmol/L (162 - 811)

Holo TC (Active B12) 49 pmol/L (>35)

Surprisingly my symptoms weren't that bad, irregular periods and a generalised fatigue going on for a little while, but over the last few months I had some unexplained weight gain, puffy eyes in the morning, muscle cramps and joint pains when doing exercise, and muscle fatigue to the point my arm was getting tired when cleaning my teeth.

Anyway, doctor put me on 50mcg thyroxine, and I have just been back for second lot of tests:

TSH - 50 (0.4 - 4)

FT4 - 13 (10 - 20)

(unfortunately FT3 didn't get tested this time, but it's ordered for my next test in 6 weeks, as is folate at my request).

GP has upped my dose to 75mcg (100 and 50 on alternate days)

I'm feeling noticeably better, puffy eyes are gone, I still get some generalised and muscle fatigue and haven't lost the weight, but have been able to go back to doing my yoga every day, and muscle cramps are definitely much less as well.

Generalised question about where I should be aiming with treatment. I understand TSH at around 1 or less, and FT4 and 3 near the top of the range, however should I aim at that even if my symptoms are gone before that? I guess I'm asking if optimal dosage is better determined by how you're feeling or what your bloods are showing? The antibodies are obviously showing autoimmune, some things I've read here imply that this is helped by suppressing TSH, so that would mean aiming for the lowest number even if I were feeling better before this?

Specific question about Vitamin D, doctor has told me to take 1000iu per day, I have bought the tablets but was thinking of taking 2000 a day instead, as reading up on it it doesn't seem dangerous to do so, and not sure that 1000 a day will increase it much? Does that seem reasonable to people here?

For the vitamin Bs, doctor wants to wait to get my folate and next TF tests back before doing anything. He did say after that we will probably look at B12 injections, but I think he wanted to focus on getting the thyroid tests within range first. He has been very open to the stuff I've said due to what I've been reading on these forums, so that's good, and once again, thanks everyone, being able to proactively get information from here has been invaluable. :)

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You do need more VitD to raise it to 100 - taking 5000 iu's through the winter months and then re-test. Are you taking the co-factors - magnesium and VitK2-MK7 ?

What was your B12 result ? -it must be low if the GP is considering injections.

Ferritin ? Always obtain copies of all results with ranges - they are legally youts and it makes posting easier 😊



The above links take you to lots of VitD info ...

B12 - Folate - Ferritin -Folate need to be optimal for your thyroid hormones to work well in the body - so do not let your GP delay testing for too long ...


Your GP should have prescribed a loading dose for vitamin D, a result of 25nmol is deficient

Look up your local CCG guidelines on vitamin D deficiency

Eg Oxfordshire


With Hashimoto's we need high dose to recover levels

After loading dose is complete, you will need a daily maintenance dose, you are likely to need at least 1000iu, possibly as much as 3000iu just to stay level

Everyone varies in how much they need

Important not to take too much. Testing twice year.

Vitamindtest.org.uk £28 postal kit

GP should be treating low ferritin levels. Has he prescribed anything?

Eating liver once a week should help too.

Detailed supplements advice from SeasideSusie on Low vitamins here


On the plus side, patients who have very high TSH, seem to recover well. Your pituitary definitely recognises you are hypo.


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