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Newly diagnosed!

Hello this is my first post. I am newly diagnosed hypothyroid and the diagnosis has been a shock due to symptoms of losing weight and sweating more with exercise. Sorry doctor didn't go into any detail about how I should be feeling just that I have been told to take levothyroxine 50mcg that it will take a while for thyroid to stabilise and to have thyroid bloods repeated in 6-8 weeks time.

Glad to find this community. :)

TSH 35.5 (0.2 - 4.2 MIU/L)

FT4 10.7 (12.00 -22.00 PMOL/L)

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Hi. It's best if you don't do strenuous exercise. Gentle exercise only such as walking or swimming.

Has your doctor done any tests to check your Adrenal Function? I'm assuming he is treating you himself and has not referred you to an Endocrinologist.

You could ask for a referal, if your doctor refuses then I would ask him to do more tests. Ask for Thyroid Antibodies TPO and Tg blood tests and all TFTs ie FreeT3, T3 and T4.

Also ask for some nutrients levels blood tests : Vitamin D, Calcium, B12 and Folate, & Ferritin. As you have probably have deficiencies.

Are you on any other medication? If so then always take your Levothyroxine on its own with water 30 to 60 minutes before food. Take other meds and any supplements hours away.

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Hi and thanks. My GP has referred me to endocrinology to be urgently looked at. I haven't had TPO and TG antibodies checked.

I was on a loading dose of vit D and since my vit D has risen I am on maintenance tablets 800iu as my level rose from 23.7 to 53.1.

Also taking 3x iron tablets and 5mg folic acid and B12 injections for low B12 symptoms.

I am not on any other medications.

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How are you taking your Levothyroxine? Early morning? It will take a while before you feel better. We can't start straight off on the full dose of Levo because it's too dangerous. It has to be increased gradually by 25mcg at a time. Make sure you get your next test in 6 weeks rather than 8. And the 3rd test and so on.

You need all your Nutrients levels up for your Levothyroxine to work well. So you seem to on the correct route to getting better. Make sure you take them several hours later than Levo.

Did you have your Adrenals checked before you started the Levo?

Most people put on weight with Hypothyroidism but since being on here I have learned of a few who have actually lost weight.

Do you eat well?

The Thyroid Antibodies blood tests will confirm Hashimoto's Autoimmune Thyroiditis which causes the Hypothyroidism. It's the Hypothyroidism which is treated - which you have started anyway.

If you are in England and pay for your presriptions then you don't have to anymore. That's all prescriptions - not just your Levothyroxine and supplements but if you ever needed anything else, antibiotics for example. Ask your GP for an application form for the exemption.

My Endocrinologist sent a form to have all the tests a week before the appointment so he could have up to date results. He wrote my GP that my target therapeutic level of TSH is maximum 2. However I have read on here of the opinion that maximum of one is ideal. You do need to know your FT3 , T3. But a good Endocrinologist would test everything.

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