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Timing of blood test

I would be very grateful for advice about timing of my thyroid blood test please - I realise this has been covered often but as I have altered the timing of taking levo and take other meds I am unsure what to do.

When I was taking my levo on waking I would omit the dose the morning of the blood test.

Currently I take mirtazepine ( sedating antidepressant around 9.30 pm..it can only be taken at night as it is sedating, I then take my levo around 3 or 4 am...this means I take levo on empty stomach, can eat/ drink as soon as I get up and leaves more than 4 hours between the 2 medications. But on the day of blood test what should I do..if I take levo as usual and have blood test at say 9am it will be too closeie about 5 or 6 hrs gap but if I leave until the next day then it will be about 36 hours gap..is this too much? My dose has been increased a few weeks ago and I still don't feel right so really keen to get an accurate result. I would appreciate any information thank you .

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If you have a blood test at 9am, that would actually be a 29hr gap, not 36hrs. :)

I think that’s fine. Get the earliest appointment you can (some blood testing centres open at 8.30) and delay taking your levo until after the test.

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Thank you, yes you re quite right it's not 36 hrs! I just want the results to be as accurate as humanly possible.


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