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At long last I found a caring doctor in this abysmal system I go to!

I had found some 5 star reviews on my newest GP, I was so incredibly nervous with fearful thoughts she would be the same as every other ignorant GP i've been to, i.e. not letting me voice my health concerns or be told it's all in my head; she proceeded to greet me so entirely sweetly and immediately was glad to see I had written down my concerns, things like GERD problems, TSH level, possible crohn's/grave's (unexplained weight loss), hashimoto's was brought up and highly considered and the best part she ordered a plethora of tests regarding my thyroid minus t3/free t3/t4. She did order T4 and TSH in the least along with vitamin testing as I mentioned vitamins I wasn't digesting well and even thyroidperoxidase antibodies test and many others. I thought to share this wonderful headway i've made since previous posts, I am just amazed this wonderful GP works at a place where mot doctors shun my kind. I even cried out of happiness and well i'm hoping she'll continue to work well with me and hopefully get the answers and care I deserve! :)

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It is uplifting when someone listens and understands and I am glad you are delighted with your consultation.

This phrase made me sad " I am just amazed this wonderful GP works at a place where most doctors shun my kind.".

Everyone is as good as everyone else regardless of status - we are all human with difficulties/frailties in life of some sort.

It is a great relief that someone listens and seems to understand how the patient is suffering.

I am very pleased for you. and you deserve the best possible care/treatment that the NHS can provide.


Ah, thank you! I should have added i'm in the US; so I was referring to the horrible system I am in, my apologies of course all humans have their flaws, however my insurance is some of the worst :( so to find such a caring individual when in such a hopeless state for so many years being psycho-analyzed only w/o being heard/tested was a miracle for me :) But I appreciate it! Oh and to add I was also referring to people living with autoimmune? meant absolutely no harm so my apologies, my hospital typically gives us neuro-psychological testing and anti-depressants and sends us on our way. I was only referring to how many of the doctors there have been towards me for 2-3+ years, again sorry though.


Definitely - miracle is the proper word :)

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I agree, after so many years :)


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