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decision extra levo or naturethroid

I have hashimotos. I feel awful as I have adrenal surges most mornings over the last 10 days often appearing during the day. My sleep is also poor so am exhausted. I need advice. I am on 100 mg levothyroxine for 4 weeks and 2 days. My results today are.

Tsh 1.91. T4. 18.1 t3 4.6

I have been medicated for a year now. I initially started on levo and went to 100mg but my ft3 never went above 4.9 and I never felt well. I Changed to metavive 11 and felt great for 6 weeks with a t3 of 5.9. after two months my t3 dropped to 4.8 so I upped my metavive by a very small dose and my ft3 went to 7.3 and felt awful. The metavive appeared unreliable. I Changed back to levo bad sleep etc. Should I up levo by 12.5 to see will my ft3 rise or should I try naturethroid. All my vitamin levels are good. I am coeliac so am gluten free dairy free soy free, still no good.

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It's not a good time to switch to NatureThroid as it isn't in full production and many places are short of stock.

Why not increase Levothyroxine by 12.5mcg and see how that helps. If that doesn't help perhaps you could consider adding a little Liothyronine (T3) to raise FT3?

Metavive11 doesn't say how much T4 and T3 each tablet contains so there probably are fluctuations in potency batch to batch.


Thank you. how would I get t3, my doctor would have to agree to send me to an endo which takes 16 weeks? Do you think that 4 weeks is too soon to do that test or is there a chance the ft3 could go higher in another two



FT3 might have gone a tad higher had you waited another couple of weeks to test.

You can buy T3 without prescription if you don't want to wait until you see an endo.


Hi Clutter. Thank you so much. Where can I get it and how do I know it is reliable. Do you use it? is it expensive?


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