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Has anyone found a good substitute for Unipharma T3?

I was taking Thybon Henning as a substitute for Unipharma T3. My brain fog is generally okay, but I am having a lot of difficulty walking (just as before Unipharma T3). I wondered whether I was just getting other problems, but then a Greek angel managed to get me 3 packs of Unipharma T3 and I immediately became my old self, (energy and no pain!), so it is about medication.

Is there something out there that is similar enough???

Also, if I can get a prescription, is it then possible to fly to Greece and get enough T3? (I take 75 - 100 a day, so one pack of 30 tabs lasts about a week!)

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I'm using Mexican Cynomel, but prefer Unipharma.

Marz in Crete has to show her prescription and I believe can only get one box at a time.


Thanks. I might be wrong about the brain fog! I looked back over some (not so old) posts and saw that I had tried to get Tiromel, as I had had some recommendations of it being close! Oops!

Hmm..maybe I will have to move to Greece at this rate!


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