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7 month old baby with elevated tsh level HELP!!

My son is 7 months old , he crawls he laughs , he has 6 teeth (his top eye teeth came in first at 4 months old) he's such a happy healthy baby boy he eats 8 oz every 3-4 hours and he eats table foods and baby foods in the jars , well Every check up appt for the past 3 months he's weighed 14lbs and he looses and gains ounces but will not go past 14lbs so the doctor has sent us to get some lab work done to see why he's failing to thrive (he's in the 3rd percentile) well all his blood work came back good except his TSH level was elevated (which was taken by finger stick), so now I have to take him to get a T4 test done , is there anyone who has gone through this if so what was the outcome , I know I sound kinda crazy for freaking out but he's my 7 month old baby boy I haven't had to deal with this before , I thought he was healthy other than not gaining weight !!

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It's entirely natural to be worried in the circumstances, but it would be a good idea to do the T4 test - make sure it's the Free T4. Ideally, your doctor should also be testing FT3 to gain a fuller picture. Both can be done by a finger prick test.


Welcome to the forum, Emilaaayyk.

It's not very common that babies are hypothyroid but we have had 3 other mums of young hypothyroid babies join the forum in the past month. You'll find posts on hypothyroid babies in healthunlocked.com/thyroidu...


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