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I need help...please!!!

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I think I have thyroid problems. From end of July I had panick attacks, anxiety, palpitation and sleeping problems every day. I lost weight ,I can't stand the excessive cold or heat, I am loosing my hair, my periods are irregular.

I have spoke with my GP, I have been in the hospital many times with the ambulance, and they are keep saying that I only suffering from anxiety and depression. They have done many bloods test and none for my thyroid. Just the normal TSH which come back as normal 2.2 ; 2.5 ; 2.7 the highest.

I finally asked my GP last week for a complet bloos test TSH fT4 fT3 and antibodies as I can not coope with these symptons anymore.

My GP prescribe me betablockers and AD....my rest heart is sometimes 100-120 bpm especially in the morning ..lots of anxiety in the morning no sleep at night with palpitation and panick attacks in the mid night...more tired then never...diziness during the day...spaced out till the afternoon.

I will have another blood test this week...hope that will say what it is...I am so feed up...please anyone had these symptons and was overactive or with thyroid disorders?


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Hi there you need to get your bloods done firstly and copies of your bloods so you can post them on here.

I was hyperthyroid in july and had all the symptons you describe- palpitations, anxiety and bad panic attacks,breathless weight loss and couldnt sleep at night due to body twitching and panic attacks, hot flashes and then cold.

I too was taken to hospital on a few occassions as my resting heart rate was high alongside my blood pressure, it is very upsetting and frightening.

You do need to get them tests done and post them on this forum where the lovely people here can help you, remember never take your doctors word for everything is fine, you need them copies.

I expect more hyper people will be along shortly to advise. For now just rest and take care.x😊

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Ioana_17 in reply to Rmichelle

Hi Michelle, thanks for your good words.

I can't rest as I need to work and take care of my 2 daughters.

I am lucky that my mom is here with me and helps me, because I am feeling awful right now, lots of palpitation, can't sleep. I am wakeing up every morning with my heart rate 115-130 bmp, with dry red eyes, feeling spaced out, dizzy like I will fainth in the next second, with my hands shaking, breathless, and the list continue.

I just want to be me again...😢

After you've been hyper and taking your treatment your symptoms disappeared? Can you sleep like before? The anxiety and panic attacks disappeared as well? What about the palpitation...these are so scary!!

Take care xxx

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Rmichelle in reply to Ioana_17

It takes carbimazole around 6 weeks to start seeing improvements but yes symptons did improve , i have not had a panic attack in 2 months now but i am still of work on my 4th month as i am still not sorted on correct dose of meds that is right for me. Symptons will improve but it can take several months for you to feel better, i was told it is a long fight with your body and its alot os stress on your body particulary your heart, you do need to take care and rest alot and listern to your body as it is under alot of strain. I did eventually sleep through the night but still have bad nights now but i am on titration doses now of carbimazole as my bloods have hit hypo so my endo will want to reduce again and that also comes with its problems. I hope you have got your bloods tested now and hopefully gp will start you on meds.x

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You need to have tested, at the very earliest appointment, fasting (you can drink water). If you were on thyroid hormone replacement you'd allow a 24 hour gap between last dose and test and take afterwards. If your doctor wont do all of these tests we have two Private Labs which will do these for you.

TSH, T4, T3, Free T4, Free T3 and thyroid antibodies.

If you have antibodies, regardless of the TSH and T4 you should be prescribed levothyroxine and we can provide an article which says so. Antibodies can wax and wane and sometimes you can feel very hyper.


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Ioana_17 in reply to shaws

Hi there, thanks for the answers, I will have the blood test today. My GP booked me at 10:10am and she said that I can drink coofe and take the Propranolol in the morning...after that I need to wait for the results. I will be tested for TSH fT4 fT3 and antibodies. Bad luck for me that my GP will be in holiday starting 15th of December and I will not have the copies of the results. But I hope that other doctor will take over and I can sort this out as I am not feeling any good at all. This symptons are so bad...😢

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shawsAdministrator in reply to Ioana_17

This is re taking Coffee:


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Ioana_17 in reply to shaws

Thanks for that but without coffee in the morning is hard...very hard...😥

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Would be good idea to test vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12 as well. If too low these can cause symptoms in own right and also upset Thyroid function

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FAST BEFORE TEST ..water only if possible .And get a print out of YOUR results ... they belong to YOU and THEN post iON here ... including the numbers in brackets .. as those are your labs ranges and difer from lab to lab

seems like your doctor ain’t clued up on Thyroids much ...


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Ioana_17 in reply to madge1979

No I don't think she knows about thyroid so much...but she knows a lot of anxiety and depression...lol. She keep trying to increase the dose for the AD that she gave me...so sad...and they are called doctors...and they are treating us...OMG...😥

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OMG ..🙀 Is right ... and now you’ve joined the ranks of The Empowered ... cause that is what many of us have become ... fed up basically of being ignored and treated like we’re crazy .

No one knows our bodies the way we do ourselves and recognise whatever tiny changes occur within us .. I remember one day trying to prove my symptoms to my Doctor .......by drawing the shape of a body with arrows pointing to the bits that were in pain .. I was shocked myself to see that all my joints were painful ..including feet and fingers

i then said .......I have no body hair, no eyebrows and wiped the eyebrow pencil from above my eyes off ... so that he could see He sat there momentarily looking at me and said ....

are you sure you haven’t been plucking them too much ....

He finally tested me after a dermatologist I’d gone to privately because of a sweat rash told me .... you have Thyroid disease !!!

He wasn’t pleased with HER or me but did the tests ... they came back ... Graves’ disease !!!

He said ....don’t worry we’ll give you a pill to take which destroys your Thyroid ... or if that doesn’t work .. Surgery ! Then you just take Thyroxine for the rest of your life .. you’ll be fine ! Ha

Famous last words

That’s when I became empowered and took my Health into MY own hands .

I’m Euthyroid now for nearly two years and don’t for regret it either ..... God knows where I’d be if I’d taken his advice .. he obviously knew Nothing of the workings of the Thyroid Gland within the body ... so how Craxy is That .. and they’re looking after US !


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Rmichelle in reply to madge1979

Yes its very sad but true most gps and endos know jack, and we are responsible for our own health, still waiting for my useless endo to ring anout my med change 3 days later, so i have changed my dose myself!

My gp even called me to say he did not know what thyroid bloods were and would i come in and assist him with what he was looking at on his screen-uselesd.x

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I know what you mean...I phoned today at the surgery to ask about my results and and the receptionst told me that come back all as normal with the note from the dr. "No action needed"...I then asked what the dr. tested for and she said TSH T4 T3 and antibodies immunoglobulin or something like that and she said all are normal. I then ask a copy from my results and the receptionst said she can't give me as I need to book an appoiment with my dr. which will be in holiday starting tomorrow until after New Year...

How good is that?!

And I am stuck with Propranolol 10mg 3 times a day and with that my heart rate in the morning was 131 bmp and in the afternoon at work around 14:30pm I had 133 bpm I took my pill and after 1 hour I had 100 bmp and with Mirtazapine 15mg at bed time which my dr gave me for sleep, anxiety and depression...

And I am suffering day by day...and now with these results I am starting to believe that I realy have a mental problem...😢😢😢

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I have the results from the blood test

TSH - 1.57 mu/L (0.27 - 4.20)

FT4 - 19.6 pmol/L (9.00 - 26.00)

FT3 - 5.6 pmol/L (2.80 - 7.10)

TPO Ab - 28 kiu/L - No reference range

And like i said all the symptoms:

Fast heart rate, in rest sometimes with 10mg Propranolol 3 times a day I get 125 bmp

Insomnia, anxiety, irregular periods, loose nails, hair lost, dry skin, dry mouth, feel thirsty, need to loo a lot, blurred vision, dry eyes with asimetric eyelids, the left one is lower then the right one. I ware glasses because I can not see far away.

Tremor, shaky hands, dizzy spell all day, feel I can not have air, short breath, feel like I will faint.

Muscle weekness and with pain, joint pain especially in my sleep with numb hands and like all my body is numb in my sleep. Tiredness...very tired all day with brain fog, forgetful, my toughts are like are not mine...blocked nose in the evening and in the morning

I am feeling like 80 years old not like 34 years old...and I can not take it anymore...I don't know what to do and where to go...please help...😢 I have a family to care for with 2 lovely daughters and a job...

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You may be potassium deficient! And magnesium deficient. Heart palps are often due to low potassium. There is an excellent group on Facebook called the Magnesium Advocacy Group. Dr Morley started it. It’s an excellent source of info. I had the same symptoms as you, and even had a few trips to A&E before I found out. I was sweating profusely as well.

Don’t take potassium supplements though. Try drinking some coconut water today, see if you feel any different. It’s a start.

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Ioana_17 in reply to Noji

Hi Noji,

It seems that I have b12, folate and vit D deficiency and I think these are causing my palpitations/fast heart rate. I am treating with B12 shots, self injecting every other day, Acid Folic 5mg, D3 20,000IU 3 time per week and I also take Chelate Magnesium 250mg 2 times a day with vit. B6 4mg, Vitamin K2 100mcg. And I am drinking coconut water daily.

The palpitations seams to be more rare now, but I sill have them every day especially every morning I have very fast heart rate like 125 bpm and the palpitations wake me up from sleep and I am not able to sleep because I can feel my heart beating.

I hope once I will correct my deficiencies I will not have them anymore as I never have this problem with my heart till now.

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You poor thing! It’s all so scary. Come and join the Magnesium Advocacy group.

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Do you get any medicines?

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