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How to Address Adrenal Support

I have been reviewing my cortisol results after seeing a link to what optimal levels should be on the STTM site.

Have Hashi's/hypo and still not doing well on a doubled dose of Liothyronine up from 20 to 40 mcg and Eltroxin reduced to 100 mcg from 200 mcg. Am about to repeat MediChecks thyroid function tests in two weeks.

My basal body temperature is consistently 36.3 degrees Celsius rising to 36.9 at its peak.

According to what the SSTM site says is optimal:

My waking level at 8.13 nmol/L (6-21) should be at the top of the range so is pretty low;

12 noon at 4.19 nmol/L (1.50-7.60) should be in the upper quarter so at least 4.57;

16:00 hours at 2.050 nmol/L (0.00-5.49) should be mid range so 2.74;

Midnight is noted as <1.5 (0.00-1.99) so I don't have an actual figure to work with but reckon if I get the others sorted it should follow.

What can I take for adrenal support?

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Write your new thyroid results and ranges in a new post and members will advise.

Previous posts on adrenal support: healthunlocked.com/search/a...

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Thanks for this Clutter. Need to wait a week or so to take bloods to give previous med changes time to kick in, then results take 14 days because of RT3. Appreciate the links to adrenal support posts.


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