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Nutrition, where to start, what to avoid, good sources of information please


So following my bloodtest I need to go back to the doc and see if they'll increase my levo dose and check why my B12 is so high. I also need to supplement Vit D (if anyone has any recommendations Seaside Susie maybe)

I need to start getting a grip on food though now. Is it as simple as reducing sugar and unprocessed foods. Do I need to avoid broccoli and soy (which seems to be in everything)if so why? Do I need to focus on gut bacteria? Can anyone give me some basic starting points please? I mentioned on a previous post that I was counting cals and macronutrients for weight training so trying to maintain high protein and fat in my diet.

Are there any good resources I can tap into.I know Izabella Wentz but she focuses on Hashimotos which I don't have.and Chris Kresser. Anyone else?

Also should wait until I see the doc? Sorry for all of the questions...just feeling a bit lost.

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You don't need to avoid broccoli or goitrogens or make dietary changes because you are hypothyroid and taking Levothyroxine. It is worth avoiding unfermented soy/soya which isn't good for anyone, hypothyroid or not. Basically eat whatever you like and avoid foods which you don't enjoy or don't like you.

My sister's GP prescribed 2 x 20,000iu D3 to raise her vitD from 40 to >75.

Assuming you have not been supplementing B12 to have high active B12 you may want to read the information in this post healthunlocked.com/pasoc/po...


No, you don't need to avoid broccoli. Yes, you do need to avoid soy.

Why? Because soy will stop you absorbing thyroid hormone - exogenous or endogenous - at a cellular level. So, although you may have good levels of T3 in your blood, the soy is stopping it getting into the cells, so you remain hypo, with all the hypo symptoms.

Yes, it is everywhere in processed foods. As are artificial sweeteners, and you need to avoid them, too. And highly processed oils, like rapeseed oil. So, best to avoid processed foods.

Apart from that, nutrition is a very personal thing. Eat what makes you feel well, avoid what makes you feel bad. If dairy makes you feel bloated, cut out dairy. If you have antibodies - I know you said you don't - then cut out gluten. But, don't go too low on carbs, because you need carbs to be able to convert properly. Don't avoid salt because the adrenals need salt. And not too much fibre because it will impede absorption of levo, etc. from the gut.

Best not to ask for dietary advice from doctors, they know nothing about it! All the doctors/nutritionists I've seen have recommended cutting out all fat and eating soy! lol They don't have a clue!


I don't use sweeteners because they taste awful.

We cook with olive, coconut, butter or sunflower so that's a start. I sometimes use Flora to butter my bread.

As for soy...no edamame, no soy soauace and Soya Lecithin is in everything including my protein powder.

Someone mentioned iodised salt to me as foods with selenium in too. Is that right?


I didn't say you did use them, I said that processed foods are full of artificial sweeteners. I agree, they don't taste anything like sugar! Ugh! lol

Sunflower oil is a processed oil, so not good. And Flora is downright bad! You really shouldn't be using that.

Yes, soy lecithin is in everything. Another reason to avoid processed foods. You can find chocolate without soy lecithin in health food shops.

No, no selenium in iodised salt. Iodised salt should be avoided like the plague. The table salt is highly processed, with additives. And the iodine is too much for a hypo. You need sea salt, or pink Himalayan salt.

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