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No thyroid / getting pregnant

Hi all,

In summary, husband and I started “trying” for a baby around December 2015, I was then diagnosed with thyroid cancer in August 2016, and had my thyroid removed, his mum died in Jan 2017 - so was a stressful time (not obsessed about not getting pregnant and some months not even touching each other!).

We spoke to GP, found out I had a blocked tube, husband was ok. So all is now good so we’re just focusing on being stress free and enjoying the practicing.

But, we also qualify for IVF - I’m not thrilled about the idea at the moment as I’ve just got to a point where I’m feeling under control with the thyroid meds but I was wondering if anyone else out there has been through it and wouldn’t mind sharing their experiences?

Thanks in advance

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Hi I just got a positive test after 6 months of really trying! I think stress plays a role but there are ways to overcome. What i focused on these past 6 months was getting my levels in the best shape I could. This included going GF and adding in more activity to my routine. I cut my antibodies in half during this time and have never felt better! Try not to get discouraged! The longer you try for a baby, the more likely it will happen!


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